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Soup & Salad
Best of Colorado / Best in Western Hemisphere ?

What is the Tune to this Anthem?

What is the Tune to this Anthem?.

Where the snowy peaks gleam in the moonlight,Above the dark forests of pine,And the wild foaming waters dash onward,Toward lands where the tropic stars shine;Where the scream of the bold mountain eagleResponds to the notes of the doveIs the purple robed West, the land that is best,The pioneer land that we love.

Tis the land where the columbines grow,
Overlooking the plains far below,
While the cool summer breeze in the evergreen trees
Softly sings where the columbines grow.
The bison is gone from the upland,
The deer from the canyon has fled,
The home of the wolf is deserted,
The antelope moans for his dead,
The war whoop re-echoes no longer,
The Indian’s only a name,
And the nymphs of the grove in their loneliness rove,
But the columbine blooms just the same. Let the violet brighten the brookside,
In sunlight of earlier spring,
Let the fair clover bedeck the green meadow,
In days when the orioles sing,
Let the goldenrod herald the autumn,
But, under the midsummer sky,
In its fair Western home, may the columbine bloom
Till our great mountain rivers run dry.

RELAXED Fitness Routine is Very Appealing

Thanks to New Yorker Sarah Wilson:

4. Eliminate obstacles.

Overweight Dad

Overweight Dad

Even those of us with the best intentions often find ourselves distracted by everyday obstacles when it comes to daily exercise.

My solution? Wake up, drink some water and get out the door in 15 minutes. No emails, no laundry, no nothing. Just me, a house key and my sneakers.

This approach avoids all barriers to just getting out the door and doing it, the most important first step you can take.

3. Mix it up.

Back when we were cave people, one day was spent wandering for hours looking for berries while the next was spent sprinting away from a tiger. Hopefully you’re not being chased by tigers today, but much like our cave-dwelling ancestors, our bodies are programmed to move in many different ways.

Switching up your exercise every day not only keeps you from getting bored with any one thing, it’s also totally natural.

2. Only A Half-Hour A Day! But EVERYDAY.

1. Exercise every day.

Not 3-4 times a week. Not every-other-day. Exercise every day. If not, you’ll tire yourself out deciding when to skip and when to workout. If you commit to doing something every day, you don’t have to take that extra step of deciding “yes” or “no.”

Mount Sopris Caught in a Dusting of Snowfall on Monday

Mount Sopris Caught in a Dusting of Snowfall on Monday.


It is a Bigger Issue than Ebola in the Continental U.S.A. (Don’t Panic)

The San Francisco Giants success is good for America and the world. Why? A Beltway World Series would be a disaster for the government operating in D.C. and Baltimore region.

Two more baseball game victories by the Giants over Washington and the danger of a “Beltway World Series” will be eliminated. Please don’t throw the Giants out.

giants thrown out

Should the Nationals and Orioles meet in the postseason, bureaucrats and politicians would lose their focus on the job doing their work.

On the other hand, it is nice to have this or any harmless diversion from the wars, public health threats, domestic shootings, dumb drivers causing accidents, homelessness, professional sports figures doing naughty things, and other stupid news events.

May I suggest that a Dodger-Giant pennant fight would be cool? As would a Kansas City-Baltimore series gather public interest along the east coast and Midwest. Hopefully, the Angels, Tigers, Cardinals, and Nationals will ‘cooperate.’

Gentlemen, please be sporting and patriotic.

By the way: May the outgoing commissioner of baseball order that the red-white-and-blue bunting be hung in all participating baseball stadiums, immediately.

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by David A. F. N. “Buck” Dailey, Founding Publisher/Author/Health & Safety Pro/Humorist/Sports Enthusiast


Orange Friday! Fresh Produce has been Prepared… We’re Ready to Eat and Watch the Giants Beat D.C.

Dateline: United States

Orange Friday in the Nation’s Capital

An Organic Orange Friday - Go Giants!

An Organic Orange Friday – Go Giants!

We’re eating healthy orange and rooting on the

Giants to smash the D.C. Nationals

Wild MLB Playoff Loses Me at One Game

Dateline: 3 Rivers (PA) KC (MO) -

Can’t major league baseball make best of odd-game series out of a single ‘wild card’ play-in game for each league?!?

The present system is worse than 1969.


Some of us fell asleep during the American League’s 12 inning game but would like to see more and fair determination of the better team with a five-game (or at least a best of 3) series. To be fair about it, after playing 162 games to leave it up to one pitch and one hit to determine who deserves to participate in the World Series seems strange.

Check out USA Today’s recap of what might have been the Kansas City Royals “achievement game of the year.” The A’s also played good enough to win (almost).

In Golf: The USA is a Big Underdog

In Golf: The USA is a Big Underdog.

The Youth are leading the comeback; USA now down 10 to 6

Win Some and the Home Underdogs Lose Some

Air Force (the group bombing Syria is having a good weekend, too), the Chicago Bears, Washington, Iowa State, and thus far undefeated North Carolina State have a half a chance of beating the odds this weekend. Top ranked FSU may not score more than 18 1/2 points than the Wolfpack.

Conventional wisdom has the Packers 1.5 point favorites over the Bears in Soldier Field. Chicago’s offense has shown more success than Green Bay’s during the first three games of this season.

These Packers Aren't Playing Against The Bears

These Packers Aren’t Playing Against The Bears

As for the rest of the NFL this weekend, Ike likes:

  • Oakland +4 (under 41 total points) versus Miami in London.
  • Buffalo +3.5 (under 41) at Houston.
  • Indianapolis -7.5 (under 46) against Tennessee in Indy.
  • Carolina +3.5 (under 40.5) in Baltimore.
  • Detroit -1.5 (over 45) in the Jet’s stadium.
  • Pittsburgh -6.5 (under 45) at Tampa Bay.
  • San Diego -12.5 (over 45) hosting Jacksonville.
  • San Francisco -2.5 (over 25) against Philadelphia in the first half only.
  • Atlanta -3.5 (over 47) at Minnesota.
  • New Orleans -3.5 (under 53.5) at Dallas.
  • New England -2.5 (over 44) at Kansas City.

Bonus Pick: Penn State -9 at home versus Northwestern on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The Nittany Lions’ NCAA curse and post-season penalties have finally been lifted! Thank God!

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2014 … Another September 11

How far advanced or how much retrograde have we backed-up in over a dozen years?

Direction and Respect

Regardless of our opinions, wisdom regarding the facts and personal experiences, we continue to honor those who lost their lives and greater numbers who were harmed in New York, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania.

NYC WTF 2002

NYC WTC 2002

After honoring others, our thoughts shall turn to where is civilization going with anti-terrorism or reanalyzing events that led up to the tragedies on 9/11 and since.

President Obama plans to outline the new approach against ISIS in a press conference this (9/10/14) evening.

Just by letting the budding global jihadist ISIS and Al Qaeda fight over . . .

(see article

just who thinks they are leading the extremist action.

Too bad any infighting will not cancel either of those factions out of the picture.

Conspiracy Theories

NewsOne has blogged an article about the most eleven (11) compelling conspiracy stories two years ago. Did the presidential administration stage it? Were Osama Bin Laden tapes faked? Was the defense systems ordered to stand-down? Were bombs planted in the Pentagon and WTC? Did Israeli intelligence and the Jewish community in New York forewarned? How is it possible that aluminum airplanes could penetrate steel building structures? Were phone calls from the highjacked flights faked? Was black-box evidence kept secret?

(reference at

With all due respect of the passing of 2,977 victims – 246 died on the four hijacked airplanes, 125 were killed in the Pentagon, and 2,606 lost their lives in the World Trade Center – “We Remember.”

Details are listed on the following website =

In the words of the passengers on United Flight 93, “Let’s Roll!”

Human Rights / Liberty / Killing Ironies

But should we be concerned that American civil liberties and citizen rights have been abridged!?!

American efforts to address terrorist threats has led the U.S. to adopt the attributes of the enemy and extremists – for better or for worse. This irony can kill US.

Honor / Respect / Action

The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network (reference it at has a number of resources, medical and mental health care expenses for emergency responders and survivors, maintains WTC evacuation, fire and building safety research studies, support docents for the Memorial and Museum, and plans to commemorate the 2014 anniversary with an outdoor gathering and luncheon. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Flight 175 impacted the 93rd to 99th floors.

Two years ago, Abraham Wagner’s analysis of anti-terrorism technologies was published in the Huffington Post. Check it out at

There is another good website focusing on counter-terrorism at


2014 Tribute in Lights

2014 Tribute in Lights

There are wide variety of concerns and specialties now grouped under the super Department of Homeland Security. Transportation safety, cybersecurity, terrorism prevention, border security, as well as academics, disaster relief, human trafficking, economics, local law enforcement, and immigration. (Reference:

My ‘caution to the wind’ is that perhaps we might:

(1) have created a monster bureaucracy or

(2) are spreading focused actions too thin

thus, rendering too many efforts ineffective.

We can pray and hope that our ingenuity and innovation can stay ahead of misfortune.

Mr. President, God’s speed.

Let’s roll!


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