St. Dan Louis’ Web-Blog from Estella Vista, West Texas (written by St. Danny in 2009) fyi: DLD passed away on 11-22-2016

My older brother had a thing about numerology, anniversaries (Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, etc.), justice particularly for minors with a real rough childhood, and establishing a safe haven for those that could benefit from “getting away from it (rat races) all” where the southwest Texas desert air and mountains offer a respite that will last an improved lifetime.


If you have never red any of his writings, now is the time to also pray that Dan L. has no more time to spend in purgatory, which he believed was only a Catholic myth. Enjoy his style and messages often hidden within the paragraphs and diagrams:

“Estrella Vista”

HC-65, Box 243 A

Alpine, TX  79830


432/ 371-xxxx

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Does Facebook Really do this Censorship Shit?

. Facebook backs down, will no longer censor the iconic ‘Napalm Girl’ war photo by Abby Ohlheiser, The Washington Post September 9, 2016 If you were to pick a handful of images that changed …

Source: does Facebook really do this shit?

Become a ‘Virtual Board of Director’ for Justice, Christian Charity, and “Good Works” for Americans Present and Future !!!

Donations to the Conference of St. Vincent de Paul [c/o 2995 Woodside Rd., #400, Wdsd, CA 94062-2448 . . .

“The Dailey Sun-Chronicles”

d.b.a. Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas, LLC


founder: David A. Dailey, MS, CSP, CM, REA, ATM-G

2995 Woodside Road, Suite 400, M/S 289

c/o the Woodside Mail Office; Betine Lee, Managing Owner

Woodside, California 94062-2448

(650) 701-5482; (808) 800-7017



November 24, 2016 rescheduled for Saturday, November 26, 2016

Management Meeting

Vote Among the Board of Directors

  1. JimWalkup [of Menlo Park VA]
  2. Faye[ of Monterey County ]
  3. ChrisCotton [of  20 Linda Vista, Atherton]
  4. Don “Blues” Johnson[temporarily From San Jose]
  5. DavidDailey [of Woodside CA, Aspen CO, Alpine TX, and Bloomington, IN]

Chair to be elected =

Treasurer to be elected =

Alternate Board Members:

  • Theresa “Terri”(of Spring Street Station) BS Accounting
  • Chris(teller at WFB MP Downtown)
  • Joseph (Manager at Chase-Manhattan Bank, West Menlo Park) Hubbard, IIITrustee
  • Bishara David Elias “Bob” Wehab (General Manager of the Country Corner)
  • Mikal “Mike” Wahab (Co-Owner with Nadia & Bob Wehab  of the Country Corner)
  • Odie Simms (of East Palo Alto)


Agenda Items:

Mission(s): Local [MP, EPA, RWC?, PA?]


Vision : Help Others While Helping Ourselves


GoalsBe Productive, Encourage Honesty, Always Be Respectful, Constructive,

Pursue Justice, Facilitate Positive Change, Legal and Transparent



  1. 97 Santiago Avenue, Atherton lot
  2. 2150 Monterey Contreras’2nd house
  3. Collect Contributions / Donations for Saint Vincent de Paul in Northern  California and Western Colorado [Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle Counties] Set up in  Menlo Park: 1)   5 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. most days at Peet’s #2. 2) 10:30 – 11:30 at  Walgreen’s/or back of Wells Fargo by ATM, 3) 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. at  Mc Donald’s,  4) 1:00 – 3:00 in front of Walgreen’s;  5)  3:00 pm – 4:30 at Peet’s University &  Santa Cruz Ave.
  4. 3207 Alameda de las Pulgas = Country Corner Deli and Market
  5. Set in 2020 movie Script – “CC Spaced Oddities”
  6. Settings: 2001 [CC] and 2010 [“CC – Germ Warfare”] movies production
  7. 3214 Alameda de las Pulgas + “Safety [pin] For All” @ Circle of Friends Preschool (in the business of teaching 2, 3, 4, and 5 year-olds for over 33 years in the San Francisco Bay Area… since 1985 in West Menlo Park)
  8. Archangels Book [draft] with Father Ed of St. Francis of Assisi, East Palo Alto

7 and 8. Sell Cookbook = Confessions of an Oenophile and Lessons Learned from Dogs

  1. Assist MP [94025] Homeless; Over 12 on-the-street in today’s rain, under 12 in the Life Moves’ Hotel de Zink (being hosted this month only by Menlo.Church)
  2. Help-Up the East Palo Alto [94303] Unemployed
  3. Encourage Opportunity Center/ Life Moves / Maple Street Clients (94061)
  4. Assist 802 Brewster Clients / Improve County Health System between Daly City and Smenlo Parke
  5. Litigation In-Process within California Superior Court – – Dailey [all presently Pro-Se] v. 

Dailey v. MPPD [City of Menlo Park]

Dailey v. Samaritan House and Safe Harbor Shelter [So. S.F.]

Dailey v. Lui, Lui, and Fisher  (Menlo.Church [formerly Menlo Park Presbyterian Church at 950 Santa Cruz Avenue; Saturday service at 5, Sunday services at 8, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m. PST) = Compassion, Caring, and Recovery mission services and support

Dailey v. Peninsula Family Services [RWC/San Mateo/San Carlos]

Dailey v. Toddler preschool [West Menlo Park]


  1. Missions in Western Colorado

St. Vincent de Paul Conference establishment

St. Vincent de Paul storefront in Glenwood Springs

Garfield County

Pitkin County

Eagle County

  1. Coordination with Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Charities
  2. Coordination with Garfield County Salvation Army
  3. Coordination with discount clothing stores in the three CO counties
  4. Coordination with the dining rooms in these counties (GWS, Rifle, Aspen, etc.)
  5. Coordination with Feed My Sheep single and married adult daycare center in Glenwoody Springs, Western Colorado (about 130 miles from Denver)
  6. ‘Conspiracy Stories’: Giants vs. Chicago Cubs Friday top of the 9th inning; NY Jets – SF 49ers; Stanford Healthcare; UPS v. Dailey; Gerry’s Cakes for the homeless; Bistro Vida + Angelo Mio; etc. Hotel Keen /Hotel Lucent Stanford Hospital lost & Found;  County of San Mateo Health System; Teamsters Local 555;   Medi-Cal Claim CA216553; Palo Alto Med Foundation Financial Assistance for homeless/intigent


    Mike outside the Country Corner during Summer 2016

Among the founder’s [D.A.D.] accomplishments:

  • As a director, David asserts that our employees at Chinese Hospital went over one year without having an OSHA lost-time injury or illness. We successfully promoted public and employee communications and also started a Toastmasters’ program.
  • As a collaborator, our cross-functional team determined how to effectively manage almost 100,000 pieces of 20thCentury office furnishings. At Lockheed, I was assigned to writing a monthly six-page newsletter, rewrite policies and procedures, and implemented a “Safety Watch” employee participation and recognition incentives.
  • As a writer, I mastered business writing for over 20 years, published two books, humorous screenplays, researched medical issues, and have been writing web-blogs for over seven years.
  • As a speaker, many public speeches were presented concurrent to being a member of Toastmaster International. I gave and received feedback to fellow members for over 20 years.
  • As a citizen, I have been actively involved in community activities on a local, state, and national level.This includes two runs for Congress and another unsuccessful election to Sacramento.

Written by: David A. “Buck” Dailey, Founder


Veterans’ Day Annual Celebratory Event in Northern California – – Remembering Buck’s Favorite Patriots Who He Has Known

There will be a huge 11-11-16 parade this morning in downtown San Jose, California!!!

Not appearing (in any particular order):

  • 1st Lieutenant A. W. “Bud” Dailey — US Army 1944-45 in Japan post-war occupation after ROTC training at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
  • Captain Donald W. Baker – – US Navy pilot; 1942-45 in the Pacific Theater[Bud and Don are the grandfathers of San Francisco native and Interior Designer Anessa Virginia Dailey; only child of the author*]
  • Colonel Lee Roberts – – USAF pilot of U-2 and other intelligencia – – One of many great patriots working at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company and Lockheed Engineering & Sciences Company 1985-92
  • What is NancyNancy Pelosi doing here?!?
  • Lt. Colonel Lloyd “Doc” Holliday – – USAF and modern day manager of Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Captain Dick Biggs – – US Navy pilot and modern day Systems Safety Engineer
  • Lt. Colonel Homer Brem – – US Army fly boy and modern day Systems Safety Engineer
  • Captain [Doctor] Baltis Getzendanner – – Maryland Militia from Frederick County, MD 1775-83



~ written by * D.A.F.N. “Buck” Dailey – – served during the end of the Cold War 1985-92 at Lockheed and a Past President (2000 – 2001) of the Silicon Valley/Palo Alto Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution . . .

FBI / NSA Fail to Sanction Clinton Cronies – Repeat the Same Misfeasance – Security Clearances Should Have Been Revoked for HRC’s Guilty Staffers

Back in July, if it was anyone else security clearances would have been yanked.

Today, federal agencies did not act differently.

joe bi


REPRINT: M.H. Stigma

What is the problem? Marginalizing innocent people.   A stigma just makes the problems worse. Encourage others to take a better view of the mental health issues and consequences: Bias/bigotry,…

Source: REPRINT: M.H. Stigma

anti-trump ads

“daisy Girl”
classic from 1964

Wandervogel Diary

Not being a regular TV viewer and having already voted in the 2016 presidential election, I was interested to learn on the radio recently that Hillary is dusting off Lyndon Johnson’s famous “Daisy Girl” ad against Barry Goldwater from 1964. Apparently, there are no political feces too petrified for use in this election:


Then Youtube’s automatic playback of Hillary’s ads kicked in, I found these extremely interesting, too:




Like I said in an earlier post, I’m out of this election now. I’ve already voted. But if Comey can insert himself into this election at such a late date, and now with the FBI’s latest unexpected release of documents from Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich (the husband of a Democratic donor who fled to Switzerland after being indicted on tax evasion and other charges), I feel just fine about adding my own two cents…

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NCAA Football for this Friday in September

Friday Night Fights:

Your opportunity to ” take the favorites challenge ”

Deadline: September 30, 2016; 6:00 p.m. PDT

NCAA Football Games Scheduled for Saturday, October 1st (week #5)

Stanford at University of Washington Huskies

Toledo Rockets at the University of Brigham Young (BYU)

all games -4.5 points

Toledo vs BYU (over/under is 60 total points) You’d wager on the home team BYU

 Stanford Indians at Washington Huskies (over/under is 55.5 points)

You’d wager on the home team Washington


4 team parlays for $50 wagers only

for musement only


College Football Parlay Choices

From Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas

2995 Woodside Highway State Road 84, Suite 400

Woodside, California 94062-2448

(650) 701-5482; (808) 800-7017; cell phones out-of-order this weekend


Deadline: September 30, 2016; 6:00 p.m. PDT

NCAA Football Games Scheduled for Saturday, October 1st (week #5)


ncaa football Saturday September 24, 2016

College Football Parlay Choices

From Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas

2995 Woodside Highway State Road 84, Suite 400

Woodside, California 94062-2448

(650) 701-5482; (808) 800-7017; cell phones out-of-order this weekend

superdomeKatrina  Superdome

Deadline: September 23, 2016; 6:00 p.m. PDT

NCAA Football Games Scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd (week #4)


-5.5 (43) Michigan State Spartans (3-0) hosting the On Wisconsin Badgers

-20.5 (60) God and Notre Dame (1-2-0) Stadium versus the visiting Duke Blue Demons

Unranked and Undefeated -8 (47.5) Indiana University (2-0) hosting the Wake Forest Deacons

+6.5 (60)  University of South Florida Bulls hosting the Florida State Seminoles in Tampa

-44.5 (50.5) #1 Alabama  (13-0, just kidding) hosting Kent State University Golden Flashes

-3.5 (46.5) #6 Stanford Cardinal (3-0) at UCLA Bruins

-13.5 (50.5) Army Black Knights at the University of Buffalo Bulls

-18.5 (59) University of Michigan Wolverines (3-0) hosting the Penn State Nittany Lions

+7.5 (51) BYU Cougars home underdog hosting the West Virginia Mountaineers

-7.5 (51) Rice Owls hosting North Texas University

-6 (58.5) Purdue Boilermakers hosting the Nevada Wolfpack

-7 (60) Ole Miss Rebels (2-1) hosting the Georgia Bulldogs

+6.5 (43.5) Florida Gators at Tennessee Volunteers

-16 (68.5) Memphis Tigers hosting Bowling Green University Falcons

+14.5 (66) Home Underdog Fresno State Bulldogs versus the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

#11 Texas Longhorns (2-1) in Dallas (next week) versus the Oklahoma Sooners (2-1)



$ 50.00 wagers, only

All rights reserved

for musement only

No Progress in Homelessness Issues in Over 4.5 years within the County of San Mateo, Northern California

This is embarrassing: The following article was written and letters sent to officials of all these local governments over four (4) years ago. Nothing has improved! February 24, 2012 Early Morning P…

Source: No Progress in Homelessness Issues in Over 4.5 years within the County of San Mateo, Northern California