Living in Northern California during 2010

My dog is asleep and I am thinking, before I taste my first cocktail, about what it now takes to be a northern californian these days. Excuse the brain farts but these points are not listed in any particular order:

 1. Own a set of tall, all-weather boots that will tolerate a lot of B.S.

 2. Cash helps.

 3. Good friends without severe mental illness who perhaps have connections.

 4. Four good tires.

 5. At least three-quarters of a tank full of gas…

 6. Pills that you can swallow without water that will help you with gas.

 7. Faith and hope.

 8. A valid driver’s license from any of the official 50 United States.

 9. A good hair dresser.

10. A loyal domesticated animal. Dogs, cats, horses are best…

11. A polite and considerate neighbor or two.

12. Twelve disciples.

13. Some lucky charms.

14. Time to do what is right.

15. At least one good meal every day and plenty of liquids.

16. A prayer buddy or two or a few.

17. A reasonable law enforcement agency who answers the phone when you call. Recorded messages are not cool.

18. A decent newspaper to read each day. (very hard to find in ’10)

19. An elected representative that might answer your phone call, give a reasonable and direct written response, or offer to help out sometime soon.

20. A favorite sports team, TV show, or hobby.

21. Good luck.

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  1. The photo alone is enough reason to stay in N. Calif. If I ever visited Calif I would be hooked forever. I have a feeling my middle son will end up there after grad school…his specialty is designing buildings that will (hopefully) withstand earthquake activity. You need to live wherever you know you can be HAPPY. The gorgeous environment sure helps. Indiana is NOT a great place to live all year round. Spring and fall, that’s about it. So, I am under the impression you have a large motor home? Is it easy for you to relocate? What’s up?

  2. Moving a 32-foot-long motorcoach to Maui from Oakland is not cost-effective. I hope to implement Plan B, soon.

    The Maui Sweet Onion Festival is happening the weekend of May 1st in Lahaina.

    By the way, the Ford motor on the motorcoach failed on 1-1-10 and the Ford Motor Company has still not honored the 5-year/50,000 mile fix-it warranty on it. It is still sitting in the rain outside of the Petaluma Ford dealership this weekend ;<(

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