Enjoy a Wonderful Dinner on the Town

Superb Delicious Favorite: Marche’ of Menlo Park


Without a doubt the best restaurant we have been to in the San Francisco Bay Area this year is Chef and Owner Guillaume Beninoue’s Marche’.  The quiet and attractive atmosphere is here to enjoy. Maitre D’e William Redburg’s reservation arrangements, direction of service staff, and vigilance throughout the evening ensured a most pleasant dining experience for everyone.

All things considered Teddy and I must award Marche’ a star-studded Five Paw rating out of four paws!

This particular Saturday night a multiple course meal featuring three unique lamb preparations were offered. They were preceded by a splendid Lamb Tartare and Bouleete accented with pineapple, tamarind, and ginger. Cavatelli and Braised Lamb Shoulder prepared with Meyer Lemon, black olives, and currants was paired with a fine Napa Appellation Cabernet Sauvignon.

Next came Chef Guillaume’s Alfalfa Roasted Leg of Lamb and Loin served with special Mexican-grown Epazote spice and wild mushrooms alongside Flageolet Beans.

Over a dozen sides of excellently prepared vegetables and pork, beef, Cod, and Halibut offerings were difficult to pass up. Prices for this first-class restaurant remain very reasonable.

To top off a great meal there were more than six terrific choices were described on the desert menu, including sheep milk ice cream with Olive Oil Cake, strawberries and Sauternes.

We must report that the professional staff, including Sarah and Harley, was exceptional!  A-Plus!  Everyone had great knowledge and terrific customer service skills.

Another delicious surprise was the bartender’s expertise. His creativity created three fabulous cocktails, which I never knew existed.

Harley achieved magna cum laude honors behind the beautiful bar. After I suggested a tasty mixer, he chose wonderful blends of liquor and garnishes for each cocktail. Leading off in a martini glass, he chose a jigger of English Plymouth Gin with a half ounce of Italian cherry flavored Luxardo, lemon juice, single syrup, which was shaken and accented with a twist of lemon.

Next, French Grey Goose orange vodka was combined with cherry cola, simple syrup, and an attractive cherry and orange slice. Wow, the fruity flavors!

The third remarkable first-time-in-my-life cocktail featured English Pimms liquor, three quarters of an ounce of lemon juice, a half ounce of simple sugar, one ounce of ginger ale, and an ounce of club soda. Three slices of cucumber in the tall collins glass made it a delightfully refreshing cocktail.

Marche’s extensive wine list was over ten full-length pages. The cocktail menu included several rye Manhattans that I will order on my next visit.

Recipes were so appealing that I ordered an order of beignets, a side of asparagus, a serving of spring peas, and the fantastic Marche’ hamburger to take out with me for the next day. I cannot recall when I ever tasted better leftovers.

Originally serving only dinner, this gem at 898 Santa Cruz Avenue less than a block from Menlo Park’s historic Fremont Park, is now open weekdays for luncheons. If only you could have delivery from sea to shining sea…


Review courtesy of Max’s Scout Services, LLC – May 2010 –


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