Dailey Market Watch of Outperformer$

Outperformers in an Early June Swoon

9931.97 – DJIA Finishes the Week Under 10,000


   After tough losses, we are rooting for a North American comeback. A sad week for Shrek’s cadmium collectables, too.

   Another bad week for oil companies and not just the British Petroleum mess. Comparing Exxon-Mobil with Conoco-Phillips, XOM lost 2% over four trading days and COP went down 3.5%.

   Noble Enterprises (NE), although it has some risk around the Gulf of Mexico, is worth watching. It outperformed the market last Friday as it dipped less than 1% to $27.56 per share.

= = =

   The automotive industry took hits, too. Daimler (DAI) fared worse than Ford (F) or Honda (HMC) going down 6.9% this past week.

Share Values Drop Again

= = =

   All five finance and banking stocks under our microscope underperformed the market. They lost anywhere from 2 to 10 % of their value. CoAmerica Bank (CMA) only went down 2.6% from $38 per share.

= = =

Surprising Higher Speculative Securities:

   Magal Security Systems (MAGS) rose 4% on Friday. MAGS stands at $2.59 and has had a 52-week high of $5.42 per share.

   One more “penny stock” to keep an eye on is well-managed Frontier Communications (FTR) at $8.34. Barron’s reports a favorable deal with Verizon is imminent.

   Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD) jumped up 3.7% on Friday to $3.94 a share when the DJIA dipped more than 3%… go figure. Careful, risky, KKD has no Earnings Per Share.

"Money is only Origami Paper"

= = =

This Coming Week’s U. S. Outperformance Challenge

CLX vs.

DLM vs.


   Barron’s weekend edition talks highly of Heinz (HNZ). Now valued at $43.85, HNZ did do better than the rest of the stock market last Friday – losing less than 2.5%. HNZ has a market cap of $13.9B, P/E Ratio of 16.13, EPS of $2.72, and a dividend of $1.80 per share.

   Versus Del Monte Corp (DLM; $14.19; $2.8B market cap; 11.3 P/E; $1.25 EPS; $0.20 dividend)

   vs. Kraft Foods (KFT; $28.51; $49.7B market cap; 10.21 P/E; $2.79 EPS; $1.16 dividend)

   vs. Clorox Company (CLX; $63.07; $8.9B market cap; 14.84 P/E; $4.25 EPS; $2.20 dividend).

= = =

More Memorial Day Week Surprises:

   Gerova Financial Group (GFC) rose 5.7% on Wednesday and 4.6% on Friday. GFC has a $1.3B market cap and the stock is $14.00 per share.

   Volcano Corporation (VOLC) a manufacturer of ultrasound and other functional measurement medical devices, gained 1.4% after going up on Tuesday and Wednesday but down on Thursday. After going down another buck to $22.74, it could be an attractive buy in this volatile bear market.

   EV3 (EVVV), an endovascular medical device company, value increased 17% on Tuesday with minor losses the rest of the week. On the morning of 6-7-10, a share is worth $22.24.

   Cubist Pharmaceuticals (CBST) went up 1.4% on Friday when the DJIA finished below 10,000. A share of CBST costs $21.81 and they have a $1.3B market cap, 14.25 P/E ratio, and an EPS of $1.53.

   Hi-Tech stocks did not fare so well after Memorial Day. Of the five we were closely tracking, Xilinx did best – Xilinx (XLNX) only went down 2.3%.

= = =

   It is up to you. Not everyone wants to play Wall Street Games. Like the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, it will be something else to watch, discuss afterwards, and the payoff is big time.

   Now after 99 years of success and good living, we can refer to him as the Immortal Coach John Wooden.

Good luck and enjoy the games!

Maybe you will find the bulls in this volatile bear market. Bully!


"Bully!" As T. R. would exclaim

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