Dogs Dig Deer, California

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of Deer, California

“Dogs Thrive in Sonoma Country”

Uncle Tiki Teddy Bear Rumpkin would be the first dog to recommend Sonoma Country to all breeds. There were ample opportunities to have fun during 2007, 2008 and 2009. Hotels like the Sheraton Sonoma Country located at the Petaluma Marina bend over backward to make your pet’s stay wonderful.

No book of ours would be complete unless we included a review of what dogs relish in these environs. Note that animal control-related regulations are always undergoing changes.

Throughout the county dozens of pet breeders can be found. Teddy was born in Sebastopol at Fulla Bull French Bulldogs off of Pleasant Hill Road.

All one has to do is check the phone book for lists and lists of dog breeders, trainers, walkers, kennels, sitters, and groomers. Dog supporters, outfitters and other lovers seem to be everywhere.

Dog parks are scattered around Sonoma County. Teddy’s favorite is off of California State Road 12 outside of Glen Ellen. Perrone Dog Park has a huge fenced area that almost always attracts a crowd of dogs and their owners.

Sebastopol’s Ragle Ranch Park has another good area for dogs to run off their leashes. It can be found close to the Gravenstein Highway that runs north toward Deer.

Even Healdsburg has a dog park where hounds can run without leashes. It is located off of Fitch Mountain Road.

Dogs may be walked on beaches and in all state and regional parks as long as the six-foot leash law is observed. Look out for signs of areas that are restricted. For instance, around childrens playgrounds and on Armstrong Redwoods Reserve’s horse trails.

There are fantastic pet shops in Healdsburg, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. Fideax, at the corner of North Avenue and Healdsburg Avenue North, has the best selection of collars, leashes, and dog beds – not to mention buckets and buckets of biscuits.

Teddy’s favorite place to for dry and canned dog food is in Sebastopol. Horse, bird, and cat owners will love the selection on-hand. Fizelle-Enos’ service and customer assistance is A+, too.

Teddy now knows that one of the worst overnight accommodations is at the county dog pound near the Charles Schultz Airport in Santa Rosa. It is a little too pricy, too. Teddy thinks the Motel 6 is a better place to spend the night.

If your dog likes to swim or play Frisbee, getting wet in the Russian River is ideal – particularly on a dog day afternoon in the summer. There is always shallow water swimming and fetching in the Pacific Ocean. Frisbee is also really fun in the open dog parks.

Most every wine tasting room that does not serve food and winery welcomes good dogs. Seventy-eight wineries allowed dogs in 2008.

Several years ago Wine Dogs was published. Dozens of canine biographies living in the vineyards were documented and photographed. Teddy may be featured in the second edition. Dozens of wineries have chosen a dog to be their mascot.

Our favorite winery dog was working at Camellia Cellars in Healdsburg. Their great Golden Retriever was named Archie.  He passed away at the age of 16 in 2008. Bruce, Cynthia and Company found a terrific Golden pup, Mario, to keep up the tradition.

Many restaurants, bed and breakfast lodgings, inns and hotels are dog-friendly. As of 2009, 58 lodging properties willingly accommodated pets.  Five spots along the Russian River alone –   – welcome dogs. For instance, the River Gern Resort and Village Inn in Monte Rio and the Fern Grove Cottages, River Village Resort and Russian River Resort in Guerneville.

A number of fine dining establishments are set up so that your dog may eat with you in outdoor seating areas.

The town of Sonoma even has one pet store with a bakery. The Three Dog Bakery prepares fresh, special recipe dog biscuits regularly.

Special canine events are held throughout the year. Pets parade at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair in February. Kunte Family Estate sponsors their Eco-Tour Dog Hike each March in Kenwood. Petaluma has two favorite annual competitions: the World’s Ugliest Dog Championship and the Crazy Dog Tricks Contest. Both are held in June. Santa Rosa’s October Harvest Fair conducts the Sheep (herding) Dog Trials.

In 2010, the county environmental health bureau started playing hardball by not allowing any dog in a seating area where food is served. Some bureaucratic people are just snobs.

Native residents of Sonoma Country recognize that your dog is an important member of the family. You will notice real understanding and your hosts bending over backwards in order to make your dog comfortable and happy – perhaps even more excited about the terrific unique smells, sounds and sights of this countryside than their owners.


Copyright 2010 Max’s Scout Services, LLC

from the book Deer, California


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