Book Review of Chill!

Book Review of Katy McColl’s

Chill!  Your Guide to the Laziest Summer Ever


    Jourdan Crouch and Katy McColl wrote a synopsis of “seventy-two ways to slow down, simplify your life, and really savor the season ahead” in O At Home – Summer 2008 Issue.

    My gut reaction is that these ideas are not at all simple but most likely a sure-fire way to spend a lot of money. Summer is half over so we should make the best of our time.

    More of my thoughts follow. What caught my attention was the “summer savory.” Taking naps is one of my favorite ideas that the author suggests. Other recommendations include:

  1. Creating a party atmosphere around the home. Place red gingham or navy seersucker picnic table cloths out. Use colorful chairs.
  2. Free time during the next get together by hiring a bartender.
  3. Like a hotel, present amenities for guests like soap, scented candles, and a bottle of wine.
  4. Use sparklers to add excitement to the evening.
  5. Place fresh fruit in a large bowl.
  6. Buy a kite and go fly it.
  7. Make a room with sun-sensitive art with special paper, leaves, ferns and butterflies.
  8. Take Fridays off. I prefer to take off Mondays.
  9. Garden early in the morning with a cup of coffee and your dogs and cats.
  10. Hire a housekeeper for at least one day a month.
  11. Host an outdoor movie night.
  12. Use the martini shaker to cut sandwiches into circles.
  13. Make sun tea.
  14. Take some WD-40 and get all the squeaks, door slams, and yawn opens out.
  15. Free time from ironing and rinse with Downy Wrinkle Releaser.
  16. Have fun hosting a dessert party.
  17. Construct a backyard swing or a treehouse.
  18. Try a beach bonfire.
  19. Get yourself a self-retracting garden hose.
  20. Lie down and see what the clouds tell you.
  21. Change out the clematis with lush Margarita sweet potato vines.
  22. DJ your BBQ.
  23. Buy SEEDLESS Watermelon.
  24. Turn off your phone, Blackberry and iPod.




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