This Be the Week around the CBOE and NYSE and Nazdack

Stocks to Watch during the Hot August Nights

            This week the DJIA settled down to 10653.56. This creates some buying opportunities for those of us who appreciate the bulls in this volatile bear market. By being selective (choosing stocks that are outperforming the market average) and being vigilant and quick to react (buy low and sell high).

            What Teddy and I have come up with are one dozen (12) prospects for the next two weeks. Six (6) securities are in the biotech-medical device-healthcare-pharmaceutical industry. Check these out sister:

  • AET at $30.00; this went up 2% on a down market day like last Friday
  • AMMD at 22.39; this went up 2.9% last Friday.
  • ELN at $5.25; Elan gained 0.6% during Friday’s trading.
  • FRX at $27.80; it went down 2.4% and is destined for over $30/share.
  • HNT at 27.20; it rose 5% in one day.
  • HS at 19.41; Healthspring continues its gains and will be over $20/share soon.


How about the oil crisis?!? BP in the Gulf and take COP across the country raising gasoline and diesel prices.

  • COP at $56.93; rated #74 by Investor’s Business Daily; P/E = 10; 52 week high = $60.50; last week dived 0.77.

            Electronics are a hot consumer item. We like most everything made by Sony. Look at Xilinx, too.

  • SNE at $31.67; Sony rose 1.3% last Friday when the blue-chip stocks sank 0.20%.
  • XLNX at $27.91; prior quarter up 63%!

            Got some old stuff around the house? Rather than staging your own estate sale, call Sotheby’s. Take the money and run. After all, your cash is only collecting dust.

  • BID at $30.61; Sotheby’s gained over three dollars per share on Friday.

            You might require some good food this summer.

     We like Kraft Foods that is managed out of Chicagoland.

  • KFT at $30.36; Kraft closed up 2.4% on Friday afternoon.

  = = = = =

Like usual, the coming week starts on a Monday

but ends on the 13th.

Monday, August 9, 2010

                        [Go figure. I am “taking the day off.”]

            Tuesday, August 10

  • Amid concerns of “deflation,” the Federal Reserve Bank “Fed” holds a meeting.
  • House of Representatives votes on providing $26 billion to the states.

            Wednesday, August 11

  • The Food and Drug Administration considers Valeant’s anti-seizure drug.

            Thursday, August 12

  • Lou Piniella makes his last appearance as a Cub manager at San Francisco Giants.

            Friday the Thirteenth

  • Release of both consumer price index and July retail sales numbers.
  • The fist place San Diego Padres try to get lucky in San Fran against the red hot Giants.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Good Luck and Enjoy the Stock Market Games!

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