Summertime Blues, White and Red

Dailey Musings This Labor Day

            Some refer to this weekend as the unofficial end of the Summer of Two-Ought-Ten. We actually have more than 15 days left in this season.

            As much as I love summer, fall is my favorite season likely because my favorite team sports – football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey – are starting. College football began its season this weekend with all sorts of excitement, fanfare, and pleasant surprises. As a bonus, great white and red wine grapes are harvested.

           We still have time to create more lasting memories of the Summer of 2010.

Prosperity: $eptember trading followed a poor August Wall $treet showing with po$itive gain$ and optimism.

Love: Family reunions, marriage and engagements, new friendships, volunteerism, and of course the love of God were apparent during the last three months.

Faith: You may recall many religious, spiritual, paranormal, and super-natural observations. Unlike mere earthly things, God endures forever.

Astronomy: Summer stargazers have not been disappointed studying is the celestial universe. NASA recently published more outstanding photographs of the “outer limits” taken by the space telescopes.

Weather: Extreme temperatures, winds and rainfall are hard to forget. Hurricane Earl did not live up to the media hype but did shorten the Labor Day holidays for many in the Carolina outer banks and rain out one White Sox game in Boston.

Sporting Events: Spanish soccer fans will Basque in their glory of the World Cup championship for years. NASCAR and Indy car racing enthusiasts have seen their share of excitement. Major League Baseball has created two interesting pennant races, no-hitters and perfectly pitched games, rookie accomplishments, and some remarkable hitting, too. Golf had more drama than we have seen in years. Pro tennis is not over yet with some grand slam heroics already evidenced at the U.S. Open.

Picnics and BBQs: Individuals will also recall many memories of their personal sports accomplishments and stories of outdoor outings with family, coworkers, neighbors, and other old and new friends. May you have been enriched in the heart, soul, spirit, and nutritionally, too.

Travel: Unless you were on a flight with airplane mechanical difficulties or a terrorist, your vacation and business trips produced some good times.  May you have experienced good will and will have a better understanding of people and our ecosystem.

Camping, exploring, and outdoor adventures: Longer daylight hours gave rise to opportunities to check out the great outdoors. It also gave kids a reason to leave home, be late for curfew, and get into more trouble these summer months.

Current events and news headlines: Recent encouraging signs for peace were offered by the Palestinian and Israeli governments. Americans declared that wartime efforts were ceasing in Iraq and escalating in Afghanistan.  Crime reports, international and domestic politics, business, entertainment and other tragedies made the news. Something I wish I could forget.

        It is an election year. It is time to repeal the so called Patriot Act! Get out the vote.

        Note: Another way to create lasting memories of 2010 = Buy this year’s vintage and enjoy it for years to come . . .    ;<*)


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