What Are the Odds and All is Fair (?)

What do the odds makers know!?!

This Friday at Sundown marks the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur of the Hebrew faith. After spending too much time this morning reading the San Jose Mercury News, I am thinking that gentiles should spend at least 24 hours feeling sorry for themselves (the sinners that they are), too.

I am not just thinking about murderers and thieves. Flip back to the sports pages.

Take Yankee Derek Jeter who waited until after the game with the first place Devil Rays to admit that he was not actually hit by a pitch but awarded first base after the ball deflected off his bat.

This might sound like petty stuff but the Yanks ended up defeating the Rays by one run. (Ironic that the Devils weren’t the bad guys this time…)

What is really fair?

  • Duke football team facing off against #1 Alabama this Saturday?
  • Kentucky Wildcats are a 24-point favorite over the Akron University Zips?
  • The Hilltoppers host their home opener as 12-point underdogs against the Hoosiers?
  • Reggie Bush returning his 2005 Heisman Trophy based on facts that came to light during his years as a University of Southern California student?


So what do you know about pro football?

 The 0 and 1 Lions are home underdogs with the Eagles after Philly lost at home against the Packers. Most fans stated in polls that the Lions’ touchdown pass at the end of last weekend’s Bears game was good. The official ruling was no TD.

 Green Bay is only a 13-point favorite over Buffalo. Maybe a good way to pay the bills is to take the Pack back at home.

 The Oakland Raiders favored over the Rams after the Raiders scored less than 7 points in Nashville last Sunday?

 The Chiefs underdogs against the Browns after Kansas City ran all over San Diego?

 What’s a moral to these stories?

What our sports stars do that is fair game go a long way in showing others that how one wins is superior than just defeating the opponent.

Let’s see what happens this Jewish New Year Weekend.

Is it more of how the game is played



Pennant Chase – Game On!

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