2011 Economy Indicators


Financial Fortunes –

Fortunately the Market is Closed on MLK Holiday

     Is the international and American economy improving?

     The New York Stock Exchange, most banks, and the US Congress are on-break (1-17-11). Recent developments and current events may lead us to the correct answer about the state of the economy.

     Ironically, President Obama will deliver the State of The Union Address on Groundhog Day (2-2-11). We may even have to wait for the real answer until after SuperBowl XLV is played on 2-6-11 because conventional wisdom states that only if the NFL National Conference wins will the stock market react favorably.

When Green Bay Wins, The Stock Market Goes Up That Year

     Therefore, here are the conflicting indicators of whether the economy is getting better or worse in 2011:

Point: The President extended his Christmas vacation last month in Hawai’i.

Counterpoint: Portugal is broke and is asking for more than twelve zillion dollars.

Point: Gasoline and new car prices are high and going higher, yet consumers are spending more of their personal budgets on these items.

Counterpoint: Forty out of 44 times the economy has reacted to the SuperBowl result. The American Conference Champ is favored over the National Conference Champion (Packers or Bears) this season; thus the market highs will turn into lows.

 Point: Stock values closed last Friday at the week’s highs and gold prices fell sharply.

 Counterpoint: Municipal bond values fell to a two-year low.

 Point: The President sets goal to double American exports.

 Counterpoint: The Defense Secretary asserts weariness of Red Chinese military and their cyber and anti-satellite warfare advances.

 Point: USA easing travel rules to Cuba.

 Counterpoint: Airfares and incidental charges have  increased this calendar year already.

 Point: Genetic test developed for early identification of more than 400 diseases.

 Counterpoint: FDA warns that a new heart disease drug is linked to liver damage.

 Point: Finding a job as either a software engineer or nurse is relatively easy.

 Counterpoint: Unemployed often lack the training, experience, or education to become either a nurse or software engineer.



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