Looking for Producers – “Country Corner” Screenplays

Cindy: Silly Alex.


Mike (Robert DiNiro) : David, where is a fresh pot of coffee?

David: Uncle Mike, I do not have one ready.

Mike: What!?! We are out up front. Don’t do ME like that!

 Stage lights out 


Stage lights on – Morning scene – Scene 2, Act I

Buck (Danny Glover) : Good day, Bob! How are you doing? Say would you explain something to me? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bob (Bob Newhart or Joe Pesci) : I hear that a lot and we have many good people in this neighborhood. What are you going to do?

Buck: Pray and ask for mercy. Mercy, Lordy, Lordy! Lord have mercy!


Bob: Teddy! Hey, you little rascal!

Bob plays with Teddy the Bulldog behind the cash register stand

In walk the County street sweepers

Bob: Good morning, Carlos. Good morning, Mikey. How you guys doing today?

Mikey (Al Pacino) : I dunno. George W. Bush did it again.

Buck: You know what George Bernard Shaw said, that political necessities sometimes turn out to be political mistakes.

Carlos (Tony Danza) : Bobby, did you hear yesterday what a price of a gallon a gas is now? I don’t know how much it will cost to fill up our street sweepers!

Mikey: The County will go broke and we might lose our jobs.

Carlos: Imagine, we drive 8 hours a day at 12 miles per gallon and …

Bob: It is the darn oil industry!

Mikey: I voted for Baby Bush and look what is happening!

Carlos: Thoreau wrote, the oldest, wisest politician grows not more human so, but is merely a gray wharf rat.

Mikey: Rats!


Buck: Where is it going to end?

Bob: You may have read what Disraeli said, in politics nothing is contemptible.

Mikey: I heard we may be changing our trucks to use butane. Or is it propane? I dunno.

Bob: Ya, it would be good to go with an environmentally-friendly fuel. How about clean-burning coal? Yesterday, Al Gore won a Pulitzer for his movie about global warming.

Carlos: Pulitzer? Wasn’t it a Nobel Peace Prize?

Bob: Ya.


Potato chips delivery man arrives through the door and drops a few boxes off his handtruck

Bob: What are you going to do, Willie?

Chips Man (Will Smith): I’ve got 14 boxes to be delivered today.

Bob: Why are you so late? It is now lunchtime. Come back later after 2.

Chips Man: But Bob, I already unloaded the truck and have to drive to La Honda today, too.

Bob: Be reasonable, man. Come back tomorrow or later this afternoon, please. You shouldn’t get in the way of the customers.

Chips Man: But Bob. I need to drop this off to you today.

Mikey: Are you deaf, dumb or something?


Bob: Willie, listen to me man. I cannot have you monkeying around here during the lunch rush. Come earlier in the morning for chrissake.

Another customer walks in.

Samson (Ben Stiller) : Bob, I need some milk. Where is it?

Bob: Just go in the back. The organic milk is on the bottom shelf right next to the whiskey.


In comes the soda delivery person (Jennifer Hudson) whistling a song

Bob: Chiquita, where are you headed with that? Go through the back door, please.

Carlos: Chiquita?

Bob: Ya, Chiquita – She is a Banana Head some days.



Excerpts from Act I of “Country Corner”

Copyright 2010 – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

P. O. Box 620928, Woodside, California 94062-0928


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