It is not just a coincidence . . . (part two) Discrimination by Caesar’s Entertainment Corp.

Dateline: Wednesday, February 9, 2010 – Stateline, Nevada, U.S.A.

No Fun Today at Harvey’s and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe

 Hotel, Casino, & Resort…

     Businesses are at liberty to refuse service to anyone unless it is contrary to law. Having said that, why would any casino want to dismiss a 31-year patron that even enjoys losing money while playing table games?

     Words like “inappropriate” are nebulous and vague unless the rules, procedures, boundries and parameters, and local customs and etiquette are clearly explained in a way that even a seventh-grader can understand.

     In the case of the (dis)abled hotel guest with a service-assistance dog being ousted by the Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. Security Enforcement Unit, he followed the warning the officers told him on the Harrah’s casino floor one day and the next morning was 86’ed even though no more “alleged violations” happened. Fear resulted as a result of this police action. The hotel-casino guest spent the rest of the day in his assigned room.


     Oh man, guilty before proven innocent. There was no discussion or compromise. No validation of the disgruntled employees evidence. No crime committed. The workers never mentioned any discomfort, displeasure, or harm directly to the customer.

     In fact the women laughed and led the man on. Jokes he made could have been misinterpreted or taken the wrong way. Just a simple case of bad management hastily making poor judgements, assumptions, misunderstandings, and misinformed knowledge about mental health.

     A stigma is prevalent.

     Hidden (dis)abilities cannot be seen and seem to be feared by some who are ignorant.  Why don’t security guards understand? There are too many factors! A (dis)abled person under medical care usually functions fine.  You might think that casino-hotels would make a greater effort accommodating their guests no matter what their foibles.

     Oh never mind, money… it is only paper. Paper cannot buy happiness but it helps.


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  1. What exactly did you do, pee in the gift shop?

  2. A woman cashier thought I was hitting on her, I guess.
    I remember complimenting her, giving her ideas for the gift shop, and asked if she had any older sisters.

    Funny, she said she had 3 sisters.

    She turned out to be an insecure rat; probably sexually frustrated, had to get out of bed too early in the morning, and sick of doing a menial job for little money.

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