Movies, Stanley Cup, MLB, CNN, HBO, Nascar, X-Box, or a Good Book?

Dateline: Spring 2011 in North America –

     Maybe your household has the same issue. What to watch or not on TV. Fortunately, we have six TV sets in our residence (not all in the same room). Yet the kids are restless.

     If I had my way, I’d watch a team sport where the championship is on the line. Unfortunately, some Canucks don’t give a rat’s ass about ice hockey. After three seasons as a San Jose Shark season ticket holder, I am a huge enthusiast. There is so much strategy, athleticism, and speed to the game.

    “America’s Pastime” is so boring for me and my dog. We often sleep in front of the TV for four innings or more and often miss major scoring plays and the ninth inning. This week there are NCAA softball tournament games that have a tad more excitement than pro ball.

"Polite Trojan Fan" from the University of Spoiled Children (USC)

     HBO has at least six options that I appreciate. Bill Maher on Friday nights is something worth staying out of the singles’ bars. This channel’s movie selections change every 30 days, too.

     CNN on weekends includes so many reruns and CNBC is not at all exciting when the NYSE is closed.

     NASCAR is an American spectacle that I do not fully appreciate. Maybe there is something wrong with me?

    It pisses me off to hear the “Star Spangled Banner” sung in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their choice of singers really know how to butcher the anthem. I think Canadian producers do it intentionally! “Oh Canada” wins hands down; this is only true in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and of course Vancouver. Two Canuck skaters should be thrown in the penalty box for the irreverence Canadians treat the USA anthem.

Teddy Marching in the USA Veterans Day Parade with the Sons of the American Revolution

    All the more, I want the Boston Bruins to smash the Stanley Cup hopes of the dreaded Canucks.

    Bye now, the opening faceoff… blow Canucks blow…


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