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Today’s Buzz on FB About Occupy Wall Street

10-13-2011 /// Dateline: North America

     The discussions and suggestions offered on my FB pages are getting more interesting. The “Occupy” movement continues to grow legs around the country. For the most part the protests are peaceful.

     What intrigues me the most are the comments from the under 40 year-old Americans.

     First, just take a look at the spread of the public outcry movement mapped out at:



     Next are three of my favorite videos, songs, and comments from today. Thanks to Jodie, Jeff, and Stephanie!

“After reading this tripe, I say screw the Wall Street protestors. Call out the stormtroopers and attack dogs. Bastards. NOTHING gets resolved from protesting. All it does is draw negative media attention. You think that THEY DONT KNOW WE ARE UNHAPPY? This just makes them more resentful. Its like getting in a fight with someone. No matter who wins, you both lose.”
 “I have to disagree. While I have never been one for protesting, I can name two times in history where they had a positive impact on society. In India during British rule, Gandhi orchestrated peaceful “protests” that freed a nation. 25-30 years later, Martin Luther King Jr. organized similar practices that freed many people from segregation and open classism.”


 I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street


Remy’s Occupy Wall Street Protest Song



     As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads like a financial contagion through global markets . . .