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Say Boss, It’s Too Hot to Sit in the Office Today

“20 Times a Lady”  –  Comedy was the ticket for today

     It was such an unseasonably warm fall day that Teddy and I cooled down in the movie theatre this afternoon. Well, there were no 3D glasses that fit Teddy and the others’ synopses seemed too frightening.  So…

     For the discounted matinee price, how could we mess up? We had choices of Lion King in 3D, Dolphin Tale in 3D, Dream House, Abduction, Loosefoot, Drive, or What’s Your Number.  20?!?

     In the romance-comedy “What’s Your Number”, a young thirty-something woman played by Anna Faris (who incidentally will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend), having hit her limit at 20 partners, decides to track down the other 19 men in hopes that she’s overlooked a guy who could be “the one” marrying kind.

Sculpture by James "Butch" Stoval

     Ally Darling (cute name) embarks on a quest to find the best “ex” of her life, by any means necessary (a sexually promiscuous neighbor played by Chris Evans agrees to be her private investigator), when she reads a Hearst magazine article warning that people who have had 20 or more relationships have already missed their chance at true love and will never get married.

     I don’t want to spoil the ending nor do I want to give it two thumbs up.


     Great supporting parts were written for Ed Begley, Jr. and Blythe Danner.

     What was impressive was the direction and choreography. The scenes of Boston were terrific! I don’t remember all the skyscrapers when I last visited. The only thing missing was an outing in Fenway Park. One scene had the Darling character outplaying her male private investigator at strip-horse in the Boston Garden after hours.


Naw, this is not the skyline of Boston



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