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Secret, Guarded Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Arithmatic Suspect

 Wishes For This Season’s College Bowl Games

     Even more scientific than the BCS mathematicians, Teddy and I have put our heads together to make a Top 32 Ranking.     Our rankings came out before the BCS got around to it.

The BCS rankings come out of a secret-ranking formula. Their silly math determines who gets to play in the big $$$ games.

We have observed disrespect for teams in the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, and Atlantic Coast Conferences; there is a prejudice for the Southeastern Conference.

ND Library

Why in the world have they ranked undefeated Kansas State as  #20?

There are ten (10) college teams that now have not lost any games!

Teddy and Ike performed “in the money” yesterday, as 65% of Saturday’s predictions were correct. Teddy never graduated from college but Ike received two degrees from the BigTen Conference.

Note that we hardly agree with the BCS’s order of the rankings. We only have a match in the Sooners at #3.

Are you ready? Here are our rankings for the week of October 17, 2011 –

1) Wisconsin Badgers (6-0) Next at #15 Michigan State Sparties (5-1)

2) Stanford Cardinal (6-0) Next vs. 5-1 Washington Huskies

3) Oklahoma Sooners (5-0) Next vs. 4-2 Texas Tech

4) Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0) Next vs. 3-3 Tennessee Vols

5) L S U  Bengal Tigers (7-0) Next vs. 5-2 Auburn

6) Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-0) Next at 3-3 Mizzou

7) Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-1) Next at 1-5 Minnesota Go Fors

8) Oregon Ducks (5-1) Next at 1-6 Colorado Buffaloes

9) Boise State Broncos (5-0) Next vs. 3-3 Air Force

10) Clemson Tigers (7-0) Next vs. 5-2 North Carolina

11) Arkansas Razorbacks (5-1) Next at 2-4 Mississippi

12) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-2) Next vs. 5-1 Southern Cal

ND & USC to Play the 1st Night Game at Stadium

13) Kansas State Wildcats (7-0) Next at 2-4 Kansas Jayhawks

14) Houston Cougars (6-0) Next vs. 3-4 Marshall

15) Michigan State Spartans (5-1) Next vs. #1 Wisconsin Badgers

16) Auburn Tigers (War Eagles are 5-2) Next at #5 LSU

17) Illinois Fighting Illini (6-1) Next at 3-3 Purdue Boilers

18) Penn State Nittany Lions (6-1)

19) Michigan Wolverines (6-1)

20) Texas Longhorns (4-2)

21) West Virginia Mountaineers (5-1) Next at 4-2 Syracuse

22) Virginia Tech Hokies (6-1) Next vs. 1-5 Boston College

23) Georgia Tech Rambling Wreck (6-1) Next at 3-3 Miami

24) South Carolina Gamecocks (6-1)

25) Arizona State Sun Devils (5-2)

26) Texas A & M Aggies (4-2) Next at 3-3 Iowa St. Cyclones

27) Georgia Bulldogs (5-2)

28) Florida Gators (4-3)

29) Temple Owls (5-2) Next at 3-4 Bowling Green (Ohio)

30) Baylor Bears (4-2)

31) Rutgers Scarlet Knights (5-1) Next at 2-4 Louisville

32) Florida State Seminoles (3-3) Next vs. 2-4 Maryland Terrapins


     Now since we have the teams properly ranked, we can project the best end of the year college bowl contests.

So ideally, what pairs of opponents and venues would we like to see?

#1            College Football Games Played on New Year’s Day 2012

            (Sorry, it ain’t going to happen

– there will only be pro football on TV 1/1/12)

B)   National Championship Game of Undefeateds

played in the New Orleans Superdome on 1/9/12:

  1. Stanford vs. Wisconsin
  2. Oklahoma or Oklahoma State vs. Alabama or LSU
  3. Clemson vs. Boise State
  4. Houston vs. Kansas State

C)  A Rose Bowl Game  [ on 1/2/12   :<(   ] That Pits the Big Ten versus the Pac-12

The Best Match-Up: Oregon vs. Nebraska

If the Badgers and Cardinal do not play for the national championship, have Wisconsin play Stanford in the coming Rose Bowl.

D)   A Discover Orange Bowl on January 4th Without a College From The State Of Florida

Best Match-Up of Teams from Cold Parts of the Country:

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Boise State Broncos

E)  Another Fiesta Bowl Without Boise State or Oklahoma

Best Match-Up (assuming LSU plays for the National Championship):

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys

F)     A Cotton Bowl (January 6th) for Teams from States that are Able to Grow Cotton:

Texas Longhorns or Texas A&M Aggies vs. Arkansas Razorbacks or Auburn Tigers

G)     Reviving the Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston

A good matchup would be mid-season unbeatens: Clemson Tigers vs. Houston Cougars

H)    The Sugar Bowl Without a SEC Team

Washington Huskies vs. Michigan State Spartans

I)      The Capital One Bowl in Orlando with Two Legendary Coaches

Penn State Nittany Lions (Joe Paterno) vs. South Carolina Gamecocks (Steve Spurrier)


     Who might get the last BCS draw? The last team in is usually a contentious controversy. Defending national champion Auburn has the edge over Notre Dame or Arkansas. Don’t count the Fighting Irish out. After narrowly losing their first two games, N.D. is undefeated with a night home game up next against lowly-ranked U.S.C. (5-1).

If I had my druthers… send Notre Dame to play in Tampa’s Outback Bowl (1-2-12) against the likes of Illinois or Louisiana State who they have not played in years!

Another idea… should the Sooners lose one or two games, send them to Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl (1-2-12) facing off with the Fighting Irish. That would set up a new national intersectional rivalry. Huh?

“Here Come The Irish” Look Out BCS

You ‘betcha. Notre Dame and Oklahoma have a regular season game planned in Norman, OK  next October 2011.

More Ideal “New Year’s Day” Match Ups:

*  Outback Bowl 1/2/12 in Tampa with Georgia Bulldogs vs. Michigan State Spartans

*  Chick-A-Fill Peach Bowl 12/31/11 in Atlanta with Virginia Tech Hokies vs. USC Trojans or Arizona State Sun Devils

*  Compass Bowl in Birmingham 1/7/11 with Florida Gators vs. West Virginia Mountaineers or Rutgers Scarlet Knights

*  Go Daddy Dot Com Bowl 1/8/12 with Western Kentucky Hilltoppers vs. Temple Owls

The next seven weeks shall be intriguing and exciting as the possibilities play out on the gridiron.


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