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Looking for Politicians Like T. R. Now for the 21st Century

     Teddy Roosevelt was known for his progressive policies. One of his nicknames was Trust Buster because his administration used existing antitrust laws to fight against corruption in the railroad, oil, and other industries. His policies concerning trusts and labor reform were part of what he called the “Square Deal.”

One of the Best Presidents

     Upton Sinclair wrote about the disgusting and unsanitary practices of the meat packing industry in his novel The Jungle. This resulted in the Meat Inspection and the Pure Food and Drug Acts in 1906. These laws required the government to inspect meat and protect consumers from food and drugs that might be dangerous.

     Roosevelt was well-known for his conservation efforts. He was known as the Great Conservationist. During his time in office, over 125 million acres in national forests were set aside under public protection. He also established the first national wildlife refuge.

     In 1907, Roosevelt made an agreement with Japan known as the Gentleman’s Agreement whereby Japan agreed to slow the immigration of laborers to America and in exchange the U.S. would not pass a law like the Chinese Exclusion Act.

"Bully!" T.R. would exclaim when pleased and excited - Who in this day and age will show similar ethics, initiative, and leadership?

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