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AQ. Be Thyself. Self-Help. Growth. Tough Times. Humor.

     Today at the library was time to take another look at the written works of Milton Berle, Dave Barry, Andy Rooney, Nora Ephron, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Rogers, Bill Maher, Art Buchwald and other humorists.  I resolved to become my own kind of writer. 

     For the first time since 2005, I walked into a Toastmasters meeting. At noon, the Redwood City Toastmasters were speaking in the second floor Community Room at the main county library. I took away something from the meeting: IQ, EQ, and AQ.

     AQ is the Adversity Quotient.

     Looking back to 2005, four out of the last six years have been the worst of my life. If it was not for the way I was raised, I probably would be dead by now. Not necessarily suicide, nor paranoia that someone was trying to kill me, but at the hands of some felon.

Three things have raised my AQ:

  1)  The example and teachings of my grandparents and parents

  2) Faith in God and putting it into action helping myself and others

  3) Humor.

       Let me share some great lines and pictures with you.

“I can’t figure out if we have made any progress with unemployment in 100 years. There was no unemployment in those days. If a man wasn’t working, he’d sit in front of the grocery and whittle. Also if a man was idle in one part of the country, you would not hear about it in the other parts of the country.”  ~ Will Rogers

Car Window Wiper Blades (Don't even ask where the washing fluid button is)

“If you use your corporation’s money to pay for half of a lavish $2 million birthday party for your wife on the island of Sardinia, featuring, among other lavish things, an ice statue of Michelangelo’s David with vodka squirting out of its penis, for God’s sake do not make a video of it.”  ~ Dave Barry from Money Secrets

Gross! Dude Making Shitty Pumpkin Pies

“There is absolutely nothing remotely funny about the stock market. If you even mention the economy, people will throw rocks at you.”  ~ Art Buchwald from We’ll Laugh Again


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