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I Didn’t Learn Much In Kindergym – All I Needed To Know, I Learned from a Dog, Turkey, Cat, Horse, and Razorback Pig

Dateline: 2011 A.D.

“Thoughts to Myself (inspired by Toastmaster Ted Carlson at Lockheed)”

     Dog Wisdom: See Lessons Learned From Dogs by David A. Dailey

     Talking Turkey: (1) Treat a dead chicken like a tom turkey. Rub it down real good in salt and water before cooking. (2) Don’t look up staring at a rainstorm.

     My Cats Ozzie, Ray, Maxine, Snowball, (1) If you don’t like where you are at now, move. (2) There is no such thing as loneliness; solitude is a great thing. (3) If you want something, speak up. It does not hurt to ask. (4) If you shit up, cover it up.

     Horses Brandywine and Dawn Dailey: (1) Eat well and often. (2) Be dependable. (3) Demonstrate grace, passion, strength, inner beauty, and talents.


     Razorback Hogs: (1) Roll in your own shit and you will smell like yourself. (2) If you mind your manners and keep your hocks clean, you may jump up on the couch and snuggle while we watch TV or a movie. (3) Don’t waste food. Eat what is offered.


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Check Out Dan L. Dailey’s Web-Blog “Wandervogel Diary”

  Dan L. lives near the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

  He usually writes an outstanding daily column with a song for the day.

  I highly recommend it.

Art Linkletter (Remembered) is a Man This Generation Should See

Sunny Sunday, November 27, 2011

(I am tired today and taking the day off writing this web-blog) Check this out from MPPC:

Who’s Art Linkletter? If you have to ask that question…Google him and find out. He was a wonderful, Christian man (living 97 years), who successfully worked in the very heart of a highly secular, entertainment-oriented Hollywood culture. His positive, funny, wholesome, and very creative television programs warmed the hearts of millions of persons of all ages for decades. Art Linkletter – a legacy for Christ in a world longing for His message.

I thought of Art the other day when I saw a little 5- or 6-year-old girl wearing a T-shirt with these words on the front of it: “All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust… “I could imagine Art kneeling next to her saying something like, “Tell me what you know about faith, trust, and pixie dust…”

At first, her little shirt somewhat offended my spiritual sensibilities. “How could her parents allow her to openly display in an otherwise very positive and Godly expression a sentence that degrades the concept of “faith” and “trust” with the inclusion of “pixie dust”?” But, I found myself smiling at her, instead, praying that something being expressed through her walking testimony might stick in her little head. I prayed that someday she would genuinely find her own faith and trust in the true – and only – living God.

Walt Disney, too, inspired millions of children (and adults as well) with his persistent dedication to quality programming that presented positive, cheery, and magical themes. His characters never verbalized faith in God as such…but, they did communicate tremendously positive and moral values. “Pixie dust” was quite prevalent in many of his animated works.

At some point in our human growth and development, we need to leave behind our childish ways. Childish perceptions of “pixie dust” can serve to teach important lessons that must at some point become realities for responsible, mature, and spiritually-filled grown-up lifestyles. But, many go too far in this process in that they refuse to accept the reality of the miracles of Christ and attempt to jump from “pixie dust” to total reliance on self, and/or others, who share their secular and often ungodly viewpoints.

Trusting in the Lord with all of your heart, leaning not on your own understanding, requires steps of faith and trust as He promises to “direct your path.”

* * *


Heavenly Father, I trust in you and know that you will show me the way.

In The World of American Sport – Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

     The Mayans predicted that the world as we know it will end on Dec. 21, 2012. This fall season may be the finals.

     Could this be the last time the Wolverines beat the buck out of The Ohio State?  Will The Raiders win over the Bears and Dolfans; then clinching a playoff? Can the Blackhawks eventually score more goals than the Flyers? How about them Bills??? Running the table by first trashing the Jets and Titans? Will the White Sox resign free-agent Mark Buehrle?

     The answers to these questions will be answered by Christmas.

     Imagine the emotional high in the San Francisco Bay Area. Can’t remember when the San Jose Sharks, Oakland Raiders, and Forty-Niners led and won their divisions! Watch out Bears and Steelers!!

     This Saturday, we have the Fighting Irish (going to a major bowl 9-3) over the home Stanford Cardinal by +6 points; with over 58 total combined points scored.

     Teddy & Ike’s other picks are:

  • Michigan in the Big House,
  • Wisconsin Badgers over Ped State in Camp Randall Stadium,
  • Washington to win the annual Apple Bowl,
  • Western Kentucky Hilltoppers shall win the Sun Belt Conference with a home win over Troy,
  • Northwestern to upset Michigan State in Illinois,
  • and the Indiana Hoosiers – Old Oaken Bucket Champions against the P.U. Boilers in Bloomington, Indiana!

     On Sunday, betters will find “easy money” to be won.

     Take underdog Buffalo and the points, the Saints on Monday night, but first — San Diego at home, Pitt on the road, Falcons at home, Houston visiting Florida, Raiders over The Bears, and the Panthers in the Lucas Oil Drum Stadium of Indianoplace.

    All bets guaranteed or your money back… just do not send us your bets… that is what off-shore bookies do. That we aren’t.

    Good luck and enjoy the weekend games. Stay warm in front of your flat screen TVs with kids and wives to wait on you. No shopping or standing in lines is necessary until this Cyber Monday.

    Remember for goodness sake – occupy your local wall street – boycott Canadian and Chinese Christmas goods – buy USA. Why? Where else do college students play both ice hockey and American football!?!


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Roger Craig: Vote This Year To Place His NFL Achievements Into Canton (Ohio, not China) Hall of Fame

Dateline: Friday, November 25, 2011; 1:oo p.m.; Menlo Park

     It was a special treat for Teddy & I to speak with deserving future hall of famer San Francisco Forty-Niners running back (#33) this afternoon.

     While waiting to check out of WAG, guess who was standing in line behind us?

     “Roger!” I exclaimed.

     Just so happened, I had my vintage 1990’s 49er jacket on. We talked about Thanksgiving night’s 16-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Seems the zebras (referee and officials) were biased against San Francisco; for instance, one remarkable TD was called back during the first half. The back judge incorrectly dropped his yellow flag about a great block RB Frank Gore made.

    Well, Roger was an expert at blocking DLs, LBs, and blitzing DBs. It was a bad call!

   The bottom line is that Roger should be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, soon. Do you know how many Super Bowls he was in? Do you remember how many world championship diamond rings he earned?

    Come ‘on man. Vote for Craig!


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Another Terrific Thanksgiving Holiday – Food, Football, Frivolity, Family Feuding

Dateline: 11-24-11 (don’t rush me – There are more than 30 days

to prepare for Christmas and we don’t have to buy anything)

     Although I did not get to meet and disagree with anyone in my immediate family, one member of my extended family suggested, “Quit complaining.”

     He was right. What good does it do to complain about the SF 49er offense.

     Football is more of my family tradition than most Americans. As a South Bend native living in Northern California, this weekend is BIG.

 (1) Thanksgiving game versus the Ravens at dinnertime, (2) We boycott “black” Friday early morning sales at “big box stores” selling principally goods manufactured in Red China, (3) Stanford home game and talegait Saturday evening with Notre Dame, and (4) Sunday’s Raiders hosting the “Monsters of the Midway: The Chicago Bears.”

     Thanksgiving football is not even over yet but I think I got it. Texas A&M stuns the Texas Longhorns, Packers thrash the poor Mo-Town attitude Lions, Dallas pressbox officials work the clock to allow the Cowboys a narrow victory against the dear Miami Dolphins, and the cinderella San Francisco achilles-heels show (count them 6: the QB and the five nickle defensive backs) letting another home crowd enjoy their Thanksgiving night.

     I only wish I could be “a fly on the wall” at tonight’s aftergame Harbaugh Family Thanksgiving Dinner. [Note: John Harbaugh is the Head Coach of the winning Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh is the Head Coach of the previously 9-1 San Francisco Forty-Niners.] What might they talk about?

Daddy Harbaugh: “Sons, I am proud of both of you.”

Jimmy: “But, Dad…”

Daddy: “Jim, settle down now. Go help your Mom in the kitchen.”

Johnny: (laughing) “We owned them in the second half.”

Daddy: “John, now you settle down. Or I will send you to your room.”

Johnny: “But Dad, this is my house.”


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Stock Market Needs A Day Off – OWS Must Win

Dateline: Thanksgiving Eve 2011

   NYSE DJIA down 2%.

   Teddy’s Biotech-Med Devices-Health Care-Pharmaceutical Portfolio is still doing fine. For instance: Endo Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, Cerner Corporation, Omnicare Incorporated, Roche, and Walgreen’s all UP on a down day.

    WAG increased in value 4.4% in just one day (11-23-11)

    Teddy’s Portfolio has gone up 9.17% since June 2010!

    Teddy’s diversified Watchlist #3 of 12 securities has increased 17.77% since January 2011!

    You may e-mail us for details.


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“Dancing With The Stars” and College Football Are Only Games – My Hero = My Dog, Teddy

     Four of the last six nights, Teddy & I have slept in an Oregon hospital. We returned to San Mateo County, California, today after a travel ordeal.

     It was my French Bulldog Teddy who led me through the cold streets of Klamath Falls, San Francisco, and Redwood City. I could not have arrived safely home without him.

     Tonight exhausted and feeling ill, I am thankful for him more than any animal I have ever owned. “Lassie” has nothing, nothing, on Teddy. I can rest better having told you this. May God bless us all.

Fulla Bull Tiki Teddy (Bear) Iz Lazarus Rumpkin

Delicious and Safe Leftover Turkey Ideas from the Bruggner/Dailey/Kluessner/Carberry/Schultz Families

Check this blog on Thanksgiving Wednesday

Many recipes guaranteed (or your bird back) in order to:

  1.  Not waste good turkey meat
  2.  Ensure your friends don’t get sick of eating turkey because of the taste of a novel recipe
  3.  Make sure your family does not get sick eating spoiled turkey


     We have many family-tested recipes from our American, German, English, and Irish heritage. If you cannot wait, read a copy of David A. Dailey’s American Family Cookbook, “Confessions of An Oenophile.”