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Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Pork


     Auntie Yvonne, my oldest daughter’s godmother, was born and raised in Jamaica. So I believe her recipe is the most authentic as well as the most delicious I have ever tasted!

      If you can find it in the grocery, pick up two bottles of Pickapeppa Sauce. Look for a colorful label on a bottle about the size of small steak sauce. You will be amazed at what this miracle, special ingredient will flavor your cooking. Yvonne also was well-known for her fried pork chops with this magic sauce.

     If Pickapeppa Sauce is unavailable in your area, it is up to you to choose the right spices in the optimum amounts. You could always mail order some (via www.farawayfoods.com/pickapeppa). Instead, you might get lucky and find something like Johnny’s All Natural Jamaica Me Crazy Seasoned Pepper.

     From scratch you could make something up in the kitchen that would include: different varieties of pepper, sugar cane juice (corn syrup might work), paprika, onions, and fresh red and green peppers. Next add the following if they appeal to you: a quarter cup of malt vinegar, two teaspoons of molasses, three chopped green onion tops, one tablespoon of powdered thyme, a dash of olive oil, four teaspoons of allspice, three teaspoons each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and a half cup of lime juice.

     Spill white wine into it, too.

     My family has loved cornbread with this recipe. To make things easy for yourself, just buy boxes of Jiffy or some other cornbread mix.

     I believe Auntie Yvonne would prepare some greens for the meal, too. That is your call.

     OK, now that you have the spices together, prepare the chicken. Clean and cut it up. You can save time in the kitchen by purchasing your favorite white and dark chicken pieces directly from the market. Get a large skillet hot with oil and place the meat in it long enough to brown parts of it. Preheat the oven to 325.

     Ouch, be careful not to burn your hands or get hot oil splattered upon you. I’d recommend using the top of the frying pan, hot pads, and the longest metal tongs you have.

     Once “toasted”, place the chicken into a baking dish and add liberal amounts of your spiced flavoring. Use about a cup of water, cup of wine, the spicy batter, and fresh peppers then mix the meat with the liquid. If you are satisfied that the chicken is well-spiced, place it into the oven with foil and begin to enjoy the baking aroma in about a half hour. If you cook it for an hour or more, the meat may really just fall off the bone.

     As the home chef, you do have options of cooking it covered on the stovetop, or not, or covering the baking chicken with foil in order to give it a darker color.


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