Theory: Dogs are Saner than Human Beings

“The dog: the sound creature in a crazy world.”

“Avoidance of farewells, which are always stuffy and sometimes painful, is another thing in which it seems to me that dogs have a better sense than people.”

                     ~ James G. Thurber


 More lessons to be learned from dogs ***

“Hakuna Matata!” No worries for the rest of your days.  ~ The Lion King


“It is well to bear in mind that the truth about dogs is a elusive as the truth about man. You cannot put your finger on any quality and safely say, ‘This is doglike,’ nor on any other quality and say, ‘This is not.’”

“Dogs are individualists. They react to no set bylaws of behaviorism, they are guided by no strict precepts of conduct, they obey unvarying no system of instinct, they follow religiously no standard of bloodlines. I know an English bulldog with the manners of a Chesterfield. I know a beagle that can tell time. I know a Scottie that never has the slightest idea what time it is, and I miserably admit to the ownership of a high-bred French poodle that cools its soup by fanning it with a hat.”

     James Thurber tells of a story about their Afro-American housekeeper Josephine and the family’s Scotch Terrier Jeannie and her five pups.

“When the dining room became flooded with several inches of river water, a nocturnal disaster that the pups turned into a carnival. Josephine was finally aroused by a strange clatter belowstairs. She went down to discover the puppies having a wonderful time. They were not only splashing about in the water, but they had managed to launch various craft and were jumping in and out of a wooden salad bowl and other objects they had dragged into the water. Josephine later described the scene, in English, like this: ‘Dey laugh! Dey cry! Dey sing! Dey so happy!’ Jeannie was bored by the water festival, and was lying on a broad window sill, licking her wet feet.”

“The theory that dogs have a saner family life than humans is an old one, and it was in order to ascertain whether the notion is pure legend or whether it is based on observable fact that I have for many years made a careful study of the family life of dogs. My conclusions entirely support the theory that dogs have a saner family life than people.”

For instance, “At the end of six weeks, the mother dog ceases to lie awake at night harking for ominous sounds.”


James Grover Thurber was both an illustrator and humorous writer prominent from the 1930s until his passing in 1961. Fifty years later, his love and insight of canines rings true to this day.

These excerpts were taken from The Dog Department – James Thurber on Hounds, Scotties, and Talking Poodles.


  * * *

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