Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

“Dancing With The Stars” and College Football Are Only Games – My Hero = My Dog, Teddy

     Four of the last six nights, Teddy & I have slept in an Oregon hospital. We returned to San Mateo County, California, today after a travel ordeal.

     It was my French Bulldog Teddy who led me through the cold streets of Klamath Falls, San Francisco, and Redwood City. I could not have arrived safely home without him.

     Tonight exhausted and feeling ill, I am thankful for him more than any animal I have ever owned. “Lassie” has nothing, nothing, on Teddy. I can rest better having told you this. May God bless us all.

Fulla Bull Tiki Teddy (Bear) Iz Lazarus Rumpkin

Delicious and Safe Leftover Turkey Ideas from the Bruggner/Dailey/Kluessner/Carberry/Schultz Families

Check this blog on Thanksgiving Wednesday

Many recipes guaranteed (or your bird back) in order to:

  1.  Not waste good turkey meat
  2.  Ensure your friends don’t get sick of eating turkey because of the taste of a novel recipe
  3.  Make sure your family does not get sick eating spoiled turkey


     We have many family-tested recipes from our American, German, English, and Irish heritage. If you cannot wait, read a copy of David A. Dailey’s American Family Cookbook, “Confessions of An Oenophile.”