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Another Terrific Thanksgiving Holiday – Food, Football, Frivolity, Family Feuding

Dateline: 11-24-11 (don’t rush me – There are more than 30 days

to prepare for Christmas and we don’t have to buy anything)

     Although I did not get to meet and disagree with anyone in my immediate family, one member of my extended family suggested, “Quit complaining.”

     He was right. What good does it do to complain about the SF 49er offense.

     Football is more of my family tradition than most Americans. As a South Bend native living in Northern California, this weekend is BIG.

 (1) Thanksgiving game versus the Ravens at dinnertime, (2) We boycott “black” Friday early morning sales at “big box stores” selling principally goods manufactured in Red China, (3) Stanford home game and talegait Saturday evening with Notre Dame, and (4) Sunday’s Raiders hosting the “Monsters of the Midway: The Chicago Bears.”

     Thanksgiving football is not even over yet but I think I got it. Texas A&M stuns the Texas Longhorns, Packers thrash the poor Mo-Town attitude Lions, Dallas pressbox officials work the clock to allow the Cowboys a narrow victory against the dear Miami Dolphins, and the cinderella San Francisco achilles-heels show (count them 6: the QB and the five nickle defensive backs) letting another home crowd enjoy their Thanksgiving night.

     I only wish I could be “a fly on the wall” at tonight’s aftergame Harbaugh Family Thanksgiving Dinner. [Note: John Harbaugh is the Head Coach of the winning Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh is the Head Coach of the previously 9-1 San Francisco Forty-Niners.] What might they talk about?

Daddy Harbaugh: “Sons, I am proud of both of you.”

Jimmy: “But, Dad…”

Daddy: “Jim, settle down now. Go help your Mom in the kitchen.”

Johnny: (laughing) “We owned them in the second half.”

Daddy: “John, now you settle down. Or I will send you to your room.”

Johnny: “But Dad, this is my house.”


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