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In The World of American Sport – Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

     The Mayans predicted that the world as we know it will end on Dec. 21, 2012. This fall season may be the finals.

     Could this be the last time the Wolverines beat the buck out of The Ohio State?  Will The Raiders win over the Bears and Dolfans; then clinching a playoff? Can the Blackhawks eventually score more goals than the Flyers? How about them Bills??? Running the table by first trashing the Jets and Titans? Will the White Sox resign free-agent Mark Buehrle?

     The answers to these questions will be answered by Christmas.

     Imagine the emotional high in the San Francisco Bay Area. Can’t remember when the San Jose Sharks, Oakland Raiders, and Forty-Niners led and won their divisions! Watch out Bears and Steelers!!

     This Saturday, we have the Fighting Irish (going to a major bowl 9-3) over the home Stanford Cardinal by +6 points; with over 58 total combined points scored.

     Teddy & Ike’s other picks are:

  • Michigan in the Big House,
  • Wisconsin Badgers over Ped State in Camp Randall Stadium,
  • Washington to win the annual Apple Bowl,
  • Western Kentucky Hilltoppers shall win the Sun Belt Conference with a home win over Troy,
  • Northwestern to upset Michigan State in Illinois,
  • and the Indiana Hoosiers – Old Oaken Bucket Champions against the P.U. Boilers in Bloomington, Indiana!

     On Sunday, betters will find “easy money” to be won.

     Take underdog Buffalo and the points, the Saints on Monday night, but first — San Diego at home, Pitt on the road, Falcons at home, Houston visiting Florida, Raiders over The Bears, and the Panthers in the Lucas Oil Drum Stadium of Indianoplace.

    All bets guaranteed or your money back… just do not send us your bets… that is what off-shore bookies do. That we aren’t.

    Good luck and enjoy the weekend games. Stay warm in front of your flat screen TVs with kids and wives to wait on you. No shopping or standing in lines is necessary until this Cyber Monday.

    Remember for goodness sake – occupy your local wall street – boycott Canadian and Chinese Christmas goods – buy USA. Why? Where else do college students play both ice hockey and American football!?!


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