Art Linkletter (Remembered) is a Man This Generation Should See

Sunny Sunday, November 27, 2011

(I am tired today and taking the day off writing this web-blog) Check this out from MPPC:

Who’s Art Linkletter? If you have to ask that question…Google him and find out. He was a wonderful, Christian man (living 97 years), who successfully worked in the very heart of a highly secular, entertainment-oriented Hollywood culture. His positive, funny, wholesome, and very creative television programs warmed the hearts of millions of persons of all ages for decades. Art Linkletter – a legacy for Christ in a world longing for His message.

I thought of Art the other day when I saw a little 5- or 6-year-old girl wearing a T-shirt with these words on the front of it: “All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust… “I could imagine Art kneeling next to her saying something like, “Tell me what you know about faith, trust, and pixie dust…”

At first, her little shirt somewhat offended my spiritual sensibilities. “How could her parents allow her to openly display in an otherwise very positive and Godly expression a sentence that degrades the concept of “faith” and “trust” with the inclusion of “pixie dust”?” But, I found myself smiling at her, instead, praying that something being expressed through her walking testimony might stick in her little head. I prayed that someday she would genuinely find her own faith and trust in the true – and only – living God.

Walt Disney, too, inspired millions of children (and adults as well) with his persistent dedication to quality programming that presented positive, cheery, and magical themes. His characters never verbalized faith in God as such…but, they did communicate tremendously positive and moral values. “Pixie dust” was quite prevalent in many of his animated works.

At some point in our human growth and development, we need to leave behind our childish ways. Childish perceptions of “pixie dust” can serve to teach important lessons that must at some point become realities for responsible, mature, and spiritually-filled grown-up lifestyles. But, many go too far in this process in that they refuse to accept the reality of the miracles of Christ and attempt to jump from “pixie dust” to total reliance on self, and/or others, who share their secular and often ungodly viewpoints.

Trusting in the Lord with all of your heart, leaning not on your own understanding, requires steps of faith and trust as He promises to “direct your path.”

* * *


Heavenly Father, I trust in you and know that you will show me the way.

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