I Didn’t Learn Much In Kindergym – All I Needed To Know, I Learned from a Dog, Turkey, Cat, Horse, and Razorback Pig

Dateline: 2011 A.D.

“Thoughts to Myself (inspired by Toastmaster Ted Carlson at Lockheed)”

     Dog Wisdom: See Lessons Learned From Dogs by David A. Dailey

     Talking Turkey: (1) Treat a dead chicken like a tom turkey. Rub it down real good in salt and water before cooking. (2) Don’t look up staring at a rainstorm.

     My Cats Ozzie, Ray, Maxine, Snowball, et.al: (1) If you don’t like where you are at now, move. (2) There is no such thing as loneliness; solitude is a great thing. (3) If you want something, speak up. It does not hurt to ask. (4) If you shit up, cover it up.

     Horses Brandywine and Dawn Dailey: (1) Eat well and often. (2) Be dependable. (3) Demonstrate grace, passion, strength, inner beauty, and talents.


     Razorback Hogs: (1) Roll in your own shit and you will smell like yourself. (2) If you mind your manners and keep your hocks clean, you may jump up on the couch and snuggle while we watch TV or a movie. (3) Don’t waste food. Eat what is offered.


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