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My Dinner with Jose


         My buddy Teddy and I had a marathon Sunday dinner with Joe Rivas. It was just the two of us guys in conversation with my doting dog nearby watching our every move; moreover gazing at us sitting around through his sleepy eyes.


         Akin to the 1980s movie, My Dinner with Andre, we were focused on whatever the other said with very few interruptions or pregnant pauses. Our feast began at Happy Donuts shop before dawn with a bright ¾ waning moon. Joe and I shared a cab at 6 a.m. and finally said, “See you next time,” after 4 p.m.


         Remarkably, there were no arguments. Opinions were respected and not disputed. Sure there were differences in opinions but discussions never turned into a debate.


         Everyone enjoyed themselves without alcohol or other controlled substances. Who cared that tobacco sales are restricted and the American-grown leafy vegetable is heavily taxed. Ol’ Lord has mercy!  Thank God the state or federal government does not regulate coffee.


         Our “dinner” had an aire of eeriness. It was as if we had known one another since high school. Our backgrounds and life experiences were varied and decidedly different. One man had slightly more than a seventh grade education and the other graduated twice from a Big Ten college with a Master of Science degree.


         We both understood the ramifications of scientific discovery, history, sociology, and psychology to some degree.


         Was it a cast of fate of serendipity? Certainly not! Two men had a mutual understanding that multiple factors led to our impromptu day long visit.


         David was impressed by Joe’s maturity, rational thought, and perceptiveness about human behavior, inner peace, and his genuine earthiness. Joe made it clear to learn how to keep learning. It is indeed true that Joe had a level of maturity that many 60 year-olds have not attained.


         Joe appreciated conversing with a 50-something gentleman. Maybe the cause of the congenial relationship was their shared characteristic of not growing bald.


         Meanwhile Dave listened intently to the Latino who was 14 years his junior. And Juan was a native Californian to boot. The meeting was classic from the beginning.


         The elder Caucasian was able to convince his ‘new best friend’ to forgo a free breakfast with a Buddhist charity at the Menlo train station. Instead Joe traveled by taxi with the old man and his service-assistance dog between the West Menlo Park Country Corner Deli and Redwood City’s Sequoia Station neighborhood.


         Redwood City, by the way the county seat of San Mateo County, has been determined to have the “Best Climate in the United States of America by Government Test.”


         Much of the mid-winter day was spent outdoors while the men feasted on  food, delicious smoked tobacco, and fresh roasted, ground, and brewed coffee from Country Corner Delicatessen. It was delightful and sunny, with a high noon temperature approaching 69 degrees.


         One would imagine that both ate in a festival of gluttony for ten hours. Ironically, Dave was inflicted with dyspepsia, bouts of hiccups, and flatulence. The stocky French Bulldog consumed more meat, cheese, and biscuits than his master.


         Meanwhile, Joe munched slowly. Dave conjectured that “Mean Joe”, who really had not one mean bone in his god-given body, was on some esoteric weight loss diet.


         No subjects were taboo. Religion and politics were broached. Oddly enough for me, we did not talk about sexual matters.


         Joe never got to meet my fictious beauty Celeste who I have loved since I saw her painting in beautiful Sonoma County during the spring of 2007 in Wine Country.


         I never got a word in edgewise about my first love after my first marriage, Susan. Susan remains a tall, lean, tanned, long brown-haired gal. We had so much fun cleaning my Healdsburgh townhouse together until our firecracker break up that Fourth of July. Pride and jealousy destroyed all the late evening and into the morning frank discussions and Sonoma County vintages we enjoyed without any hanky pank at all. Oh well, I digress.


         Pride was but one issue that Joe and I repeatedly discussed. We agreed that it is disgusting the way people are so stubborn, not willing to learn, supremely territorial like wild dogs, and practice violent measures and resort to behavior of ill-repute.


[ to be continued ]


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