Lenten Menu Ideas (Benefits of Fasting) NOTE: Lent begins this Wednesday (Ash Wednesday)

     For Christians and even all Americans this lenten fasting menu can be the most important time. Besides the First Lady’s Office is combatting (no one is dying) obesity.

     You can talk as I can. Five years ago I weighed in at 328. Today I am less than 180 pounds. Note that I rarely fast. Food is a love of mine… if you don’t believe me check out one of my cookbooks (copyright 2008: Confessions of An Oenophile, Outskirts Press, Denver).

    The point I wish to make is that fastin’ is likely to put us in touch with what we most desire and need.

     Even as it proves we can do without what we think we have to have to eat. You may find that fasting is easier to do (I do not mean simplier to do; of course you would not have to spend hours cooking), and it would be a time-saver, than we ever thought we could.

     Imagine a “lightness of spirit” that comes from letting go of the concern of what bothers us and being bugged by kids of when the family is going to sit down for lunch or dinner.

     Caveat: Do eat one healthy meal a day.

     Make that one meal daily A Breakfast – A Midday Feast – or Supper

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