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The Case for 12 Economic Commandments

– 12 for Starters –  In the interest of both the long and short-term,we’ve come up with a dozen action items. Everyone, particularly business leaders and legislators, must take heart in each principled commandment.

Since 2008, our “pandemic socioeconomic winter storm” has been adversely affecting everyone’s’ lives. The economy is faring the worst in over sixty years.  The American Financial Empire and job markets have crumbled to “The Yellow Dragon.” We are accustomed to winterlike conditions changing into spring weather.

The Twelve (Principles) Commandments

1.      Thou shall rebuild and maintain a solid, concrete economic foundation.

2.      Practice transparency, honesty and ethics in all business dealings.

3.      Expect good government oversight and U.S. Treasury accountability.

4.      Establish a reputable and effective financial police.

5.      Re-welcome new responsible foreign investors.

6.      Inject “new liquid” into the U.S. economy that left off-shore during the last five years.

7.      Keep foreign capital invested in the U.S. by establishing a new solid economy that would be hard for them to leave.

8.      Create more confidence in any American investment.

9.      Income for new capital may be healthy and small, yet more solid and less risky!!

10.  Reduce the United States National Debt.

11.  Return back to ethics in Corporate America  in order to restore the comeback of the international economy.

12.  Watch American consumers come back to “made in America” products to further solidify the new American economy.


. . . economy down the drain . . .

Eyewitness Correspondents:

David A. Dailey with Bishara David Wehab

from Northern California

      This essay and the accompanying “Twelve Commandments” were written in 2009. It bears repeating years later. Nevertheless, with the 2012 election, no improved political actions can be expected for another seven months.

     The United States is still suffering from “the coldest, longest economic winter” in decades.

The realities have been frightening. Imagine, losing 30 to 50 % of your retirement fund value in a matter of days and weeks. Foreclosures have been a nightmare for millions since the winter of 2008-12 started around early November 2008.

The winter fiscal season has exceeded its Julian calendar limit. May Day is here already. Millions of Americans, thousands of small businesses, and dozens of large corporations experienced a May Day S.O.S. of their own.

What is more, perhaps you have seen frozen faces going shopping with cold words in their mouth, reluctantly speaking about how much they lost in their 401k and savings accounts.

Have you known about banks and other financial institutions with frozen words which do not speak about the total truth of their bad loans and their own toxic assets? They now are afraid of investors pulling out their money and other support. Banks are cold, frozen by not offering loans to honest people and businesses.

America has been plagued by a cutback in retail and wholesale sales, unemployment in double digits, slow repayment of debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, and frozen economic progress.

The United States is in the middle of an economic dilemma. After eight years of the George W. Bush Administration, his country has spent over a year of Recession (it was not until November 2008 that the President used the “R-word” publically) and is faced with a looming Depression and huge federal spending deficit.

The Obama-Biden Administration gives citizens some hope of relief but it could take at least three years to reach an economic recovery. It may be said that depression may precede any recovery.

Twelve commandments necessary to consider in order rebuilding the American economy are postulated. Everyone, particularly business leaders, must take heart in each commandment.

After eight years, yes in only eight years of a Republican (“economically conservative”) executive branch of government, the U.S. has experienced a decline. New and recently elected political representatives are faced with a major challenge.

The American Financial Empire has crumbled. The global economy has fallen along with U.S. fortunes.

Wall Street companies are distrusted. Corporate executives have gotten fat with greed, misdeeds, and money.

International opinions of the U.S. are poor. The military-industrial complex has gone amuck. Americans are viewed overseas as ugly.

Chinese culture and military might could overwhelm our economy during the next five years.

American markets should consider protectionism in order to help prevent the “Rising of the Tail of the Yellow Dragon.”

There is evidence that the Russians are already sharing intellectual property and defense secrets with the Red Chinese. There is evidence that the Red Chinese are spreading their propaganda into Africa.

Foreign investments and economic support have nearly vanished. Even the Russians and Chinese are feeling a pinch. This season has brought on a “deep freeze.”

One Russian family in the tight-knit neighborhood of West Menlo Park, California, community is thinking of moving back to Europa.

Neighbor Shlomo is at wits-end with his personal investment portfolio. Many neighbors have lost large percentages of their retirement funds during the summer and fall months of 2008! The “little guys” have been caught in the middle of Corporate America’s misdeeds.

For every Bernie Madoff there are dozens of mini-madoffs with their ponzi schemes. This is another iceberg that has stopped the American economy from flowing.

It is criminal the way brokerage firms, reinsurers, banks and other financial institutions have behaved. Then the car manufacturing companies are failing and begging for federal aid.

The United States is already heavily in debt. As of Christmas 2008, the federal debt is approximately 7.150 zillion dollars. By April 2009, the annual trade deficit was over 11.5 trillion.

Let us take a close look at these twelve “commandments” and figure out a better course of action.

Who first used the line, “Hope springs eternal?” Hope also makes David Letterman’s top ten things in this world that The Lord Almighty has entrusted to mankind on Mother Earth.

Fear, selfishness, human pride, etc. –  I am thinking that The Devil himself presents and embellishes among mankind. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about this stuff.

American forefathers founded the United States of America in-good-faith. On our currency it is written, “In God We Trust.”

Just think about it.

Trust, fear, God, devilish influences, hate, resentment, pride, greedy and selfish people.

Oh Lord have mercy!


copyright 2009 – B.D. Wehab & D. A. Dailey

re-edited May 2012

Better Ways to Sleep as Modeled by our Best Friends

Why should you have trouble sleeping? Just look. Take some lessons from your dog. Nevertheless, pawing your mattress or circling before lying down probably won’t help.

Take some pointers about sleep from an approachable expert. Dog sleep patterns are remarkable and effective. We can apply the dog’s behaviors in order to make our lives healthier.

Ingesting too much cola, coffee, chocolate or caffeine late in the day?

Nope. This is not a good idea. Dogs don’t take any of that stuff.

It is so important to get enough restful and deep sleep. After all on the average, people spend one-third of the hours most everyday in bed. Let’s not subject ourselves to environments that are not conducive for sound sleep.

In fact, sleep benefits memory and other cognitive skills, prevents heart disease, cancers and diabetes, eliminates fatigue, promotes longevity, reduces arthritis and inflammation, affects weight control, helps moods, boosts the auto-immune system, and removes under-eye circles.

Undeniably, what we do both before and after sleeping matters, too.

Certainly, your dog would not neglect to stretch after getting up, so people also should also not forget to do so.


     Sleepless people may be consequently consumed with worry and stress. Why go through this?

Look at your dog’s face. Quality sleep reduces stress. Does she look worried or stressed out?

Evidently many believe to give up their worries to God (He’ll be up all night for us anyhow). This provides added comfort at bedtime.

Do you find yourself not sleeping through the night?

Anxious that when the phone or doorbell rings you will be unable to answer it?

Canines are alert then can fall quickly back to sleep.

Waking up too early? No bother. An early morning shut-eye can be taken before work and play.

Is there too much excitement and anticipation in your late nightlife? Now, now, just settle down before bed. Dogs know how to chillax. Canines are uncanny how they can relax.

For example, schedule physical and mental exercise earlier in the day.  Plan activities ahead. No need to exercise hard late at night.

Up too late Pooch?  Naw, not likely!  Dogs have a “sixth sense” about going to bed at the right time.

Particularly like a little kid, getting on a bedtime schedule is a fine idea. Initiate a healthy nocturnal sleep cycle. Special schedules for graveyard shift workers can be arranged, too.

Like a dog, be particular about where you sleep. Make a dry, warm “den” for yourself that offers a great feeling of security. Darkness and quiet are two other objectives.

Of course, you must get assistance from your healthcare professionals if there is a medical reason (e.g. medication side-effects, idiopathic (lifelong) sleep disorders, withdrawal effects of drugs or alcohol, sleep apnea) that is causing insomnia or unproductive sleep.

If your dog was sick, you’d take him to the vet. Right!?!

Have you ever heard of a dog going to the vet for insomnia?

On the average, dogs sleep 14 hours a day. If people can just even make it 50%, success can be achieved with all the benefits. Our goal is seven to nine hours overnight.

Dogs adapt quickly finding comfort in the immediate environment and adjust their sleep pattern. Humans should be smart enough to do the same.

Good night. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .


copyright MMXII

 – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC –

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