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Weekends Make For Great Dog Walks

OK, if you do not have one or cannot borrow a dog, maybe you should put your cat on a long leashline and take them outside.

Too bad there are not Rent-A-Dog Shops in your neighborhood.

Dogs are also cheerful most of the time, and their body language expresses what they are looking for.  For instance, they want to touch and be touched.  This has been found to be very theraputic for humans. Dogs will show you this cheerfulness in very direct, physical ways.

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend.”

Like in all good friendships the relationship is, at best, mutual.


Remember: Dogs believe they are human. Cats know they are divine.

It’s Madness – Overwealming Political Spin

. . .  and I wish the negative and misleading ads would cease, politicians would tell the truth, and fundraising would be minimized; but the spin goes on . . .

If their candidate changes the Republican position on issues, he is a ‘no-principaled flip-flopper.’

Or spin it and try to explain that the candidate’s views are ‘evolving.’

* * *


If the Republican is a hawk on military defense, he is ‘reckless.’

Or what he could have stated is that he’s keeping America safe.

* * *

If their candidate takes money from Super Political Action Committees (PACs), the republicans are ‘trying to buy the election.’

If the democrats use donations from Super PACs, the candidate is ‘trying to level the playing field.’

* * *

If Romney’s wife campaigns, it is because her husband cannot connect well with women.

If the candidate’s wife campaigns, it is because she ‘really energizes the crowd.’

= = = = =

courtesy of Mad magazine – October 2012 edition

Autumn Will Be Here in Less than an Hour

Check out D.L. Dailey’s post at


NFL Week #3 – Only 6 Unbeaten Teams

– It is hard to find any clear favorites this weekend, but Mic and Ike could come up with a winning 10-team parlay. Few teams remain unbeaten. The unbeaten Philly Eagles travel to the southwest to play the unbeaten Cardinals (+3) – This may be the only ‘home dog’ of the day – figure less than 42 combined points scored.

Ike won’t predict any winners from these games:

  • Rama at Bears (-7; o/u 43)
  • Bucs (+8; o 45.5) at Cowboys
  • 49ers (-7; u43) at Vikings
  • Lions (-3.5; u 46.5) at Titans
  • Bengals at Redskins (-3; o 50)
  • Jets at Dolphins (+3; o 41)
  • Packers (-3; u 46) at Seahawks on Monday night
  • Falcons at Chargers (-3; u 47.5)
  • Steelers (-3.5; 45.5) at Raiders – The Oakland Raiders sure need a win. They have been outscored 57 to 27 in their first two games. The Steelers’ defense is tough – they shut out the Jets in the second half last weekend.

Mic and Ike agreed to make a good parlay out of these games:

  • Chiefs at Saints (-8.5; o 53) – both teams have bad defenses
  • Bills (-3; o 44.5) at Browns – Buffalo scored 35 points in 3 quarters last Sunday. Now it looks like enough winnings to pay the bills.
  • Patriots at Ravens (-3; u 39) – These teams have only allowed 33 and 37 points during two games – Baltimore has the home field advantage
  • Houston Texans (-2; u 44.5) at the Broncos – The superior Texan defense has held opponents to only 17 points
  • Jacksonville Jags at the Colts (-3; o 43) – The lowly Jaguars have only scored a total of 30 points during two games


Good luck and enjoy the games!

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Prevent the Spread of the Flu Viruses

Wash Your Hands

Very Well

[it is flu season, again!]


Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under

the flowing water.

[20 seconds washes more germs down the sink]

The use of (a) soap and (b) warm water are also important,

yet the use of (c) quantities of water

is the most important thing.


Prevent the Spread of Illness & Stay Healthy


No – This is Not a Laughing Matter

What ‘Cha Going To Do With The NFL

What ‘Cha Going To Do With The NFL.

“Mic and No Ike’s” Prognostications and Drivel for this Weekend

American Tobacco: Point — Counterpoint

A Satirical Look Inside the Smoke-Filled Room

If second-hand smoke filled rooms were as dangerous as some indicate, I would have died before my fifth birthday!

Heck, even vitamin supplements can be hazardous to our health. There are not any laws against taking too many vitamins. Have you not read that unhealthy vitamin levels seems to predispose people to (1) diarrhea, (2) broken bones, (3) uncontrolled bleeding, (4) nerve damage, and (5) poor diet. Some imbibers think that by taking vitamins they can ignore eating a good balanced diet.

Respect for All

Respect is a two-way street. Why cannot non-smokers show more respect? Don’t you think that most smokers have already learned to respect non-smokers?

Politics & Public Relations

The Smoking Dilemma, particularly since the 1980s, has become a political and public relations issue. There has been fear mongering in the media. In California, anti-smoking TV ads are indeed financed and funded by greater sales of cigarettes. Local governments have been enforcing freedom-less regulations. In some jurisdictions, one cannot smoke outside. I suspect that anger, fear, and anxiety are motivating new laws. I cannot blame folks for still being mad and outraged at the tobacco industry for hiding science during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s about the ills of cigarette smoking. Smokers are not a ‘protected group’ under the Americans with Disabilities Act even though many believe that people who use tobacco are a minority in poor health. Smoking can be misinterpreted as a condition that adversely affects major normal lifestyle functions. Therefore, smokers have lost their rights without any legal recourse for recovering them.


My great grandfather established a cigar/pipe store, book shop, and restaurant in Indiana that my father and one of my grandfathers managed into my teenage years before I even began smoking. None of these men died of lung cancer. Smoking fine tobacco is part of my family heritage.

Buy American Goods

Tobacco is a native American vegetable that helps the country’s economic gross national product. The Virginia and Turkish tobacco grown around North Carolina is highly appreciated, respected, and desired throughout the world. American cigarettes have been coveted for over a century.

What is hard to swallow is the stereotype mantle placed on all smokers.


Perhaps over 25% still benefit from tobacco (if nothing else, a ten minute break in a busy day). I have found smoking helpful to me.

The relaxing qualities of taking a cigarette break are both therapeutic and thought provoking. I am able to sort out my thoughts and formulate better ideas benefiting my personal and professional life.

Smoking with others is usually a pleasant social activity, too.

It also buys some quiet time to settle down.

My least favorite annoyance is getting negative comments about the scent of tobacco. Geez, would you rather I burn some incense in the car?

People find it hard to believe me. I tell folks that I do not inhale. True, too, is that I like the taste of tobacco and feel that it compliments the enjoyment of coffee, wine, thinking, and conversation. You’d assume that I am sick. Just two weeks ago, after more than 40 years of tobacco use, I took my doctor’s orders and undertook a spirometry test of my lungs. I am happy to report that my respiratory system still is operating within normal limits.

What pains me is that if we have a constitutional right and freedom to consume American goods, what kind of respect can we expect from one another?

Shalom – Peace

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Mondays Are A Joke

Dateline: Monday, September 10, 2012 –

Good Morning (?!?) Monday ;<(

Would you imagine that it is safe to say that more than 50% of Americans believe and perhaps even dread the day of Monday -probably more than 50% of the time.

Everyone is different with their experiences.

Here is my true story: I arrive early to sign up for a “volunteer” position this morning.

After waiting outside, and the weather was great, for more than a half hour, I am told to go away.

There should be a happy ending for this story.

I will write it if a good ending ever happens to this particular story.  At this point I suspect that it is one of those ‘lose-lose’ situations.

The organization will not meet their short or long-term goals; nor ever cross the victory-line.

For me? I will just chalk it up as a joke.

Yes of how a public organization in-need is turning away volunteers for some not-at-all-understandable or rational idea.


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All Mic and No Ike – Weekend’s Sports Prognostications . . .

This is the first weekend of the fall season that includes professional golf (Saturday and Sunday rounds at CarAmel, Indiana’s Crooked Stick Golf Links will not be rained out), professional baseball, college football, and National Football League regular season games.

For whatever reason, pardon any confusion we have today about a team’s mascot… we are ramping up and in an early season learning mode, too.

Are you ready for some football?!?

How about taking the Oakland Athletics (-130) over the Seattle Mariners?

Don’t you believe that the gay (SF) Giants (-155) will win both games against the blue East Hollywood (LA) Hookers?

Ike likes the NY Yankees (-145) over the Baltimore Birds in their nest/stadium.

The Second City White Hose (230) shall tromp on the Kansas City Indian Chiefs or is it the Royals or Kings or Whatevers in Mo.

  • Sorry, Bears’ fans: The Indianapolis Colts with #12 Luck will beat the spread all over Soldier Field.
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish are back in the USA to win their 8th out of 9 previous games against Indiana state rival P.U. Boilermakers (+13.5).
  • The University of Mass. Minutemen will be unable to handle the undefeated Indiana Hoosiers (-13.5) at home.
  • Western Kentucky’s Hilltoppers shall beat the spread (+38 points) on the road versus #1 Alabama Crimson Tide. Actually, Mike and Ike rank both USC and Oklahoma higher than Alabama in our national poll.
  • Speaking of Greek (Trojans are also Greeks who eat meat), Michigan State’s Spartans (-20) will handle the likes of the Central Michigan Chippawas.

Are you ready for more football?!?

  • We’ll forecast road underdog Pittsburgh Steelers to defeat the newly reorganized Denver Broncos.
  • Green Bay Packers (-4.5) may have their way with the San Francisco Forty Niners in Lambeau Field Wisconsin.
  • New Orleans Saints (-7) shall kill the Washington D.C. Redskins in the ‘Nawlins Superdome.

It looks like a bad weekend for Indians, doesn’t it?

The Cowboys won their first game of the season already, too.

Pick ’em: Buffalo Bills at the New York Jets!


On Monday night, it looks like “home cooking.” Both home teams are slightly favored and are likely to win:

  1. Bengals at Ravens (-6.5)
  2. Chargers at the Oakland Raiders (-1.5)


Good luck and enjoy the games!


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R E S P E C T +

Every Human Has a Right to:

  • Be Treated as a Child of God
  • Be Treated With Respect
  • Be Treated With Kindness
  • Be Safe
  • Learn
  • Have Opinions
  • Make a Covenant with God and Our Church Fellowship


from the First Presbyterian Church of Bloomington, Indiana U. S. A.

posted by Congregational Member Buck Dailey

Saturday, September 8, 2012

following a Community Meal Served by the Saturday Morning Breakfast Program Ministry