Obama & Biden Prescription is the Best Option for America’s Next Decade

Rx = Obama & Biden = Hope of USA Recovery

What happens during the next two years in Congress will have a profound effect on the Earth’s welfare and events around the world for at least twenty years.

Take a look at what is happening in the United States’ heartland, in the “Crossroads of America”, the formerly Great State of Indiana.

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee John Gregg is up against a formidable opponent who wants another paid-politician’s job in downtown Indianapolis. Gregg’s republican challenger’s TV ads speak little of Pence’s outspoken right-wing congressional career in D.C.

We hope for the good of Indiana and all neighboring states of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio and Kentucky, too, that John Gregg will end the republican regime (the last 8 years ruled by “Governor Dan Mitchell” who has already signed on with Purdue) of Indiana’s beautiful limestone statehouse.

The result of Indiana’s May Republican Primary, unseated the world-respected and experienced United States Senator Dick Lugar, with the candidacy of right-wing State Treasurer Richard “Dick” Mourdock.

Mourdock prides himself on his uncompromising political methods and seems to believe that such behaviors practiced as a bureaucrat are readily transferable to a diplomatic statesmanship job description of anyone of his ilk in the United States Congress.

Should the Democratic Party nominee Joe Donnelly, who has three U.S. House of Representatives terms of experience, not win the Indiana Senate seat?

I hope Donnelly will win. If Dick Mourdoch wins, Indiana will become like another Kentucky with two “red” senators from the Republican right-wing doctrine.

Who knows? Then, we may see a resurgence of the KKK within mid-America.

It might be funny in a few months but now it is scary to think that too many hoosiers of voting age do not plan to vote in the upcoming November 6th 2012 General Election.

Is it ironic with so much currently “on the line” that the actual voter turnout may be less than 50% by Election Day on November 6.

Why in the world . . . would Americans not exercise their constitutional rights:

  • Registered citizens have already planned not to vote,
  •  Well-intentioned people will rely on absentee ballots that may not be completed or returned properly – thus becoming a non-vote,
  • Some inadequately informed people will also not go to the voting booth because they heard about Gallop/CNN/New York Times and other polls taken indicating that one candidate or referendum had a big lead over another – so their single vote would not matter, and
  • Other legal United States residents of age will not bother to exercise their right to vote. There are too many unregistered potential voters.

 May the best candidates win and do a great job

during their first elected term.

                                                        = = = = = = = = = =                    

Copyright 2012

– D. A. D. Publishing & Associates –

– for musement only –

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