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College High-Jinx and Bewitching Among the Undefeated

Look out for battle of the band of fans in the Bayou, a West Coast special or two, and some interesting shenanigans looming on the gridiron this weekend. Eight games have national championship implications.

Which (witch) undefeated team will lose this Halloween week?

This coming Saturday there is only one game between two current Top Ten Teams -#1 Alabama (8-0) at #5 Louisiana State (7-1). Baton Rouge night games have long been known as a tough win for the opposition going into the “Snakes Pit.”

Games of Special Note

All three service academies cannot be victorious because someone must lose the Air Force – Army game. The Falcons are favored by 7.5 playing on the East Coast. Last week, Army barely lost to a good Ball State squad 30-22. Americans can root for both teams.

On Thursday, Western Kentucky (6-2)  is favored by 10 at home against Middle Tennessee State. We like the Hilltoppers. Last weekend, they showed an improved defense to beat Florida (International) 14-6. Middle Tennessee scored 38 on North Texas. No worries, WKU’s offense has a reputation to be even better than their defense.

On Friday, California Golden Bears host the Washington Huskies on Friday night and are favored by 4. The underdog looks like our West Coast special pick. Washington is coming off a victory over previously undefeated Oregon State and Cal lost 49-27 to Utah.

Another West Coast special is Arizona at UCLA. Both offenses are in high scoring shape. If you take last week’s results, this game would be Bruins 45, Arizona 39. Ike would gladly take 6 and the Wildcats.

Nasty-Looking Owl

Saturday night there are three games with immediate national championship implications to keep an eye on:

7 pm EDT on Fox – #2 Oregon (8-0) at #17 U.S.C. (6-2). The poor Ducks keep winning only to fall in the polls. Another Oregon win and they might drop in the rankings for a third straight week. More likely is that USC’s QB Barkley will put up some Heisman candidate statistics and beat Oregon at their own high flying offensive game. The Mighty Ducks are favored by 6. They could win by 60 or lose by 16. Ike will take the over, point advantage and the Trojans.

8 pm EDT on ABC – #24 Oklahoma State (5-2) at #3 Kansas State (8-0). KSU is favored by 8 and hosts last year’s conference champion. With a win, they will make more believers. The Cowboys just demolished TCU 36-14. Ike is taking the home cats.

8 pm EDT on CBS – #1 vs. #5 – Alabama by 8.

There are five other games that we believe figure into thee national championship equation and one has already been played last Saturday: Pittsburgh 47, Temple 17. How do we figure that the Temple Owls (3-4) and Pitt Panthers (4-4) are on the road to the BCS?

  1. Temple plays at undefeated #10 Louisville and Pitt plays at undefeated #4 Notre Dame this weekend. Louisville was taken to overtime by Cincinnati last week and held on for a 34-31 win to remain undefeated. The Cardinals are favored by 13.
  2. Notre Dame won 30-13 last weekend under the lights in Norman, Oklahoma. Both Pitt and Temple may be up to performing big time on national TV and perhaps either Louisville or the Irish may not be so motivated this weekend, perhaps a little tired, or just jet-lagged?


Here is the summary of the afternoon TV games:

Noon EDT on ESPN – #16 Texas A&M (6-2) at #18 Mississippi State (7-1) Bulldogs.  The Aggies come in as 2.5 point favorites. Ike is trending toward the home underdog in this game.

Noon EDT on ABC – Temple at #10 Louisville. Owls are birds of prey; Cardinals are birds of pray. Watch out for the unexpected.

3:30 EDT on ABC – The Big Ten Game of the Week is #21 Nebraska at Michigan State. MSU is favored by one-and-a-half points. The Spartans were stretched to overtime to get a win over Wisconsin, but the Cornhuskers are coming off an impressive 23-9 victory over pre-season conference favorite Michigan. We like the red underdog in this contest.

3:30 EDT on NBC of course – Pittsburgh at #4 Notre Dame. ND is favored by 18.5. They have won a lot of close games at home. It looks like a win not cover game.  With a 17-point head start for the Panthers, Ike will bet on Pitt ‘cause Pitt is it.

Pitt will need the witch’s magic potion to knock down the Irish Guard(s).


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Lies and Hoosiers Looking for Tips – Only 1.1 Million Years Working at Minimum Wage in Order to Save Up and Buy a Decent Home

Lies and Hoosiers Looking for Tips – Only 1.1 Million Years Working at Minimum Wage in Order to Save Up and Buy a Decent Home.


It may be simpler to predict this weekend’s weather than NFL scores.

BTW, upsets by visiting teams are more than possible. U, 2, have gotta’ like the chances of these 4 teams.

1st, bet on the sure thing. The Bills, Ravens, Texans, and Bengals cannot lose this weekend; it is their annual bye-bye Sunday.

Jump ahead and take the Niners (-4.5) on the road in Arizona for Monday night. Forget about Hurricane Sandy; she will have nothing to do with this game.

Eliminate the unknown. For instance, either both QB Brees or Manning are best known for leading a fourth quarter comeback. (Saints @ Broncos). Also don’t play teams that have been inconsistent, incontinent, and unpredictable this season (Seahawks @ Lions  AND  Dolphins @ Jets).

Next, cat lovers, choose a home team favorite of your own liking remembering that the Lions and Bengals are “out of play”:

Chicago Bears (-6.5) vs. Panthers

Green Bay (-12.5) vs. Jaguars

Minnesota (-5.5) vs. Buccaneers

Zebra Body Language is Often an Ugly Thing to Behold

Now comes the really fun part.

Take the handicapping points for two, three, or four underdogs playing on the road:

Indianapolis Colts (+2.5) at Tennessee Oiler Titans *

Oakland Raider and Raiderettes (+1.5) at K.C. BBQ Chiefs **

New Jersey Giants (+2.5) at Dallas Cowpokes ***

Atlanta Undefeated Falcons (+2.5) at Philadelphia Eagles ****

= = = =

Good luck and enjoy the games!

= = = =


* The Tennessee team is benching the QB that won last Sunday in favor of sophomore Jake Locker that is getting off the injury list. This gives the edge to rookie pro QB with a great college education Andrew Luck and the Colts.

** The Raider defense held the Jags to 209 yards last Sunday. “Seabass” Janikowski made four field goals and two extra points!

*** NYG Manning made 8 of 12 third down conversions in last Sunday’s road victory in D.C. QB T. Romo only made 6 of 14 for Dallas in Carolina.

**** Both teams return to finish their schedule after a bye-bye week. Let’s see who mended better following rough games against the Steelers and Raiders.


Njoy your weekNda wherever U may B!

San Francisco Baylands

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Saturday Cannot Come Soon Enough – College Gaming & World Series Game III

Is this the week that all military academies win?

Will more than one team, now ranked 3rd, 4th, or 5th lose?

Can you imagine scoring more than five touchdowns and losing?

Are College Refs Letting the Kids Play?

The two best money-making opportunities are:

  1. U of Arizona at U. Southern California (-8) – We like the fav.
  2. Duke U.  at Florida State U. (-26) – You might think that with a such a large spread, they are playing basketball. We like the Devils who scored 33 in a football victory against No. Caroline.

There are two “high flying” high-scoring games:

1. Let’s hope the officials do not decide the game between Kansas State and Texas Tech.

2. Western Kentucky is a 7 point favorite on the road. Their opponent Florida International scored 37 points last week in a loss. WKU scored 42 and lost in overtime. We are going to stick with the Hilltoppers.

There are four high-profile matchups with Bowl Championship Series implications.

#4 Kansas State hosts the score-prone #17 Texas Tech. In 3 overtimes last Saturday the Red Raiders got 56 points. KSU scored 55 in just 4 quarters. We figure the home Wildcat team could spot Tech 6 points and still win their game.

The #3 Florida Gators play #11 Georgia Bulldogs in what is annually known as the country’s biggest cocktail party. Our money is on the 3.5 point favored Florida in Jacksonville.

Oklahoma shall rise from their current #7 ranking with a home victory over #5 Notre Dame. Eventhough the Sooners scored 52 points and the Irish scored only 17 last weekend, our green stuff remains with ND. We figure getting  9.5 points and the currently top 5 Fighting Irish is too good to pass up.

What a matchup!  Even if the home team wins in Norman, our money breeds more money when Oaklahosma wins but fails to cover the point spread. ND defense is the key to this game and the Heisman Trophy race. Watch #5 in the white, blue, and gold and #15 in the red and white.

Where is the fourth BCS implications game, you ask? Keep reading below.

= = =

“World’s Largest Cocktail Party” Tailgating at the Bulldog-Gater Game

The Big Ten has a number of evenly matched teams playing:

  • Michigan travels into Nebraska as a 1 point underdog. This essentially a pick-em game. The Cornhuskers have one of the best halfbacks in the nation and the Wolverines have a quarterback thatperhaps can play up to his potential. This will be fun to watch. Let’s see the real teams come to play. You pick which is witch.
  • Ohio State is the underdog? Yep, the bookies handicapped the home Nittany Lions as a 2.5 favorite. OSU has been winning small in tight games all season and may reign over the party in not so Happy Valley Pennsylvania anymore without Pappy.
  • Wisconsin takes on the conference pre-season favorite Michigan State. The winner will be awarded a Top 20 ranking; both are college drop-outs. We’ll stick with the Badgers in Madison and gladly give U and MSU 5.5 points.
  • Another good match that has no Rose Bowl implications is Indiana vs. Ilinois. The home team Fighting Illini has to give away 1.5 points. Take the points Hoosiers. Too bad Indiana did not get another point and a half last weekend – if so, the final score would have been I.U. 31.5 – Navy 31.

= = = =

Many are just sitting around TV sets to see who is the first to beat #1 Alabama. The Tide is favored by 25!

Should #12 Mississippi State pull off an upset of the year in Tuscaloosa, they should be handed the national championship.

= = = =

How about Army, Navy, and Air Force???

Our challenge to you is to win a trifecta eventhough it is next to impossible that all service academies will win their games this week. Check this out:

Nevada Wolfpack (-2.5) at Air Force, Colorado Springs (on a cold Friday night)

Ball State University’s Cardinals (-3.5) @ Army, West Point

Navy (+4.0) @ East Caroline (watch out for the armada)

= = = =

Good luck and enjoy the games! 

p.s. Go Giants! Stomp on the Detroit Tigers in six games!!!!!!

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Money Matter$, Sports (It is a Motown Tiger – San Fran Giants World Serious! but the Lions lost to the Chicago Bears!), $urpri$e$, Volcano, Natural Ga$, Job$, Entertainment, Drugs, $tocks, Sexy!

Do I have your attention? Today’s writing focus is about the marketplace. Will APPL hit 700 again?

The economy is improving… just look at the rise of the $tock market. The DJIA > 1,300.

Investors usually have knee-jerk reactions when the corporate earnings come out. This week, no less than a dozen companies are reporting. You may want to buy BEFOREHAND. 

Earning Reports

Apple (APPL) Computer is one such company. Caterpillar and Yahoo chime in on Monday. 3M, Facebook, and others do the do on Tuesday. AT&T, Boeing, Delta Air, US Air, and Lockheed Martin figures come out this Wednesday. Thursday APPL, Amazon, and Procter & Gamble (PG) finish up the parade of quarterlies.

Apple is now a $584 billion dollar company. Its profit to earnings (P/E) ratio stands at a healthy 14.66. Their earnings per share (EPS) are $42.55. Its stock value was up more than 2% early on Monday. At $623 per share, it ain’t affordable by too many.

Amazon has only a $106 billion market cap. In contrast to APPL, its stock stands at $285.58 per share and the EPS is 0.82.

Procter & Gamble (PG) may be a gamble. PG’s market cap is 187.6 billion, the P/E stands at 18.63, EPS is 3.66, and stock price is about $68.17. I believe they have already hit PGs 52-week high.

With the coming flu season, Clorox (CLX) may be a good buy now. CLX is a $9.60 billion company. Its P/E is 18.3, EPS is 4.1, and stock price is affordable.


It is a Motown Tiger – San Fran Giants World Serious!

But the Lions lost to the Chicago Bears!

President Obama beat Republican Romney/Ryan on Monday night, too.


Recent market activity has resulted in surprises.

  • The big gains last week by RV makers Thor Industries (up 5.6%) and Winnebago (up 12%) despite rising gas prices.
  • Dean Foods (DF) hit their 52-week high at $18.50. DF has a market cap at 3.4 billion and EPS of $7.97.
  • Manpower Group (MAN) has made major gains as employers seem to not be hiring but asking for temp workers. MAN is at $39.64. Its P/E is 15.4 and EPS is $2.40 and it market cap is $3.15 billion.


Taking into consideration Friday’s 200+ point drop in stock prices and sector gains and losses, we are encouraged by the energy and pharmaceutical industries. Drug and biotech stocks went up 6.32% and the energy sector rose higher upwards of 7%.

We’ve been watching four energy companies.

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) is the largest with a market cap of $13.5 billion. Its P/E is 6.99 and the EPS is $3.01.

Peabody Energy (BTU) was up 3% in the early-going Monday. Its price is $21.07, the market cap is 7.81 billion, the P/E is 9.06, and EPS is $3.22.

If you are looking for alternative energy, don’t look for it in the stock market. Perhaps a good one – a share can be purchased for $4.24 – is Trina Solar (TSL). It carries a $300 million market cap, an EPS of (negative) – $3.23, and zero P/E. See, a company must have some profits to calculate this ratio.

My favorite is Western Gas Partners (WES)! WES is now a $5.03 billion corporation. Its stock price is $52.57. The P/E is 4.3. The EPS is $1.21. Natural gas may be “where it is at.”


There are four pharmaceutical companies we have been tracking – so get cracking.

  • Questcor Pharmaceutical’s (QCOR) stock price went up 13.5% last week. It is now valued at $26.32.
  • Cepheid (CPHD) is a $2.09 billion company. Its stock price is now right around $31.
  • Given Imaging (GIVN) is a $575 million company. The P/E = 45.6 and EPS = 0.41. GIVN’s stock price is right around $18.67.
  • Volcano Corporation (VOLC) ain’t too shabby – it has a market cap at $1.53 billion. Its stock price is $29. The P/E = 44.5 and EPS = $0.65.

There you have it. Good luck and enjoy the games.


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8 Times Over: It (democracy) Strikes Me as Funny

Dateline: USA

People should participate if America really has a democracy.

I did recently read encouraging stories from the local student newspaper, the IDS.

Fortunately, there are still two-and-a-half weeks to encourage progress. The general election is on Tuesday, November 6. There is a lot at-stake!

A governor has a major bearing on what

 types of programs are implemented in that

 state and how federal funds are spent.

For instance in Indiana, six-term Republican Congressman Mike Pence has a record of inaction and voting down rights and benefits for women, seniors, and disadvantaged Americans. He was a proponent of shutting down the federal government last year. His campaign ads emphasize his “family man” personality and “a road map” which omits the “back roads” and projects few details.

Meanwhile, the past Speaker of the Hoosier House John Gregg has a formidable “common sense” approach. Go figure – the congressman who embodies the Tea Party has more than a 10 percentage point lead over the Democrat in the polls.

Members of Congress make the national laws and appropriate funds to state. The President of the United States does not make laws – too bad President Obama has taken all the slack for what Congress is responsible.



A disturbing thing overheard on the bus last week . . . A young thirtysomething man was speaking to an older woman about religion, education, and then politics. I found it difficult to keep my mouth shut when I heard her say, “I think black people have done pretty well by him (President Obama) in the last four years.”

Democratic elections are not about black and white.

Yet unfortunately, racism and unconscious prejudice does factor into it.

Is it not ironic that too many eligible citizens either:

  1. Are not registered to vote,
  2. Do not plan to vote,
  3. Don’t take enough time out to examine the issues,
  4. Take for fact sources that have incorrect information,
  5. Don’t believe that their single vote matters,
  6. Might vote for President but not for any Congressional candidates,
  7. Believe the commercials and sound bites seen on TV, or
  8. Don’t make a concerted effort to vote early or make it to their polling place on-time.

Now for some good news. I have discovered that there are some perceptive college journalists that recognize the issues, understand some of the underlying reasons for apathy and ignorance, and offer feasible solutions. A sophomore, junior, and senior recently (Wednesday, October 17, 2012) wrote their assessments.

Indiana University senior Christine Shelley mentions her generation’s focus on social media. During the 2008 presidential election, on 51 % of Americans under 30 years-old voted.

I’m smart enough to know that if Lindsay Lohan gets another DUI, my day will go unhindered

Whether it is student federal loans, foreign affairs, economic growth or social issues, research it for five minutes and take time to invest in our future.

Austin Soot wonders why the networks schedule sporting events at the same time as presidential and vice presidential debates. He believes political events should be as exciting, accessible, and available live.

And no, (VP Candidate Ryan) and (Joe) Biden mud wrestling is not the answer.

I.U. Junior Sam Ostrowski believes that the prevailing student behavior is due to gaps in and the lack of education.  The relevancy to current issues is missing. High and grade school history courses emphasize early happenings and accounts of political events past 1952 are not adequately covered.

We think American youth can handle only McCarthyism as the biggest mistake in politics, so we don’t go past there.

I know about Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power because I taught myself.

Maybe we don’t want to dishearten the future of America by saying, “Look how many people hate (you Yankees) across the sea.”

We never made it to the issues of America’s past still affecting us today.


How many times have you heard that our future is our children? These are just three of America’s children who keep learning with an open mind and urge their peers. Bravo!

For more information, check out:


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This Is The Week That Was, Sportsfans

We Yankee fans hate to admit it.

Mic and Ike are picking early this week so as to not miss out of the fun. To start with: “the home dog” of the week are actually Panthers.

The talk in USA Today today is of political debates, football, baseball and women’s basketball playoffs, the stock market, and stock car and horse racing, too.

Obama’s team is our Tuesday pick is to outshine Romney’s forces on foreign policy and other matters. Candy Crowley is a referee that will prove to be better than Jim Lehrer who had moderated the first presidential debate.


Stock followers had better take a watch of four companies that made big gains this past week.  Barnes & Noble, True Religion, Nordea Financial, and Questcor Pharmaceutical all rose over 13% in a flat market. Has the American economy gotten worse during the last four years? Not so – according to the Dow Jones Industrial Average index numbers.

Playing the Ponies 

Shanghai Bobby, Indiana Jones, Power Broker, Carving, Steeler, River Seven, and Joha are a few of the horses to watch. Yes, “The Road to the Kentucky Derby” has begun and the odds are already out. A 36-race series precedes the Triple Crown races. Next comes the two million dollar purse of the Juvenile Breeders’ Cup on November 3 at Santa Anita and the $1,000,000 Delta Downs race. The series runs throughout the winter and the winning purses get back up to that million dollar level beginning with the March 31st Florida Derby.

Professional Playoffs

As it stands, the WNBA Indiana Fever are hot and the San Fran Giants and Yankees have become underdogs.

Monday night in San Francisco, the Giants should even up the St. Louis series with Vogelsong on the mound. Hot hitter Melky Cabrera has been reinstated from the testosterone suspension list and will make a big difference in the field, too. Count on a six or seven game National League Championship Series.

We Yankee fans hate to admit it but Detroit will likely win the American League pennant 4 games to 1. Oh my, if this week Derek Jeter could play shortstop!

Are You Ready for Some Football?!?

One sure bet is that the Atlanta Falcons will remain undefeated after this week’s games are played; at 6 and oh, they are the only NFL team that has not lost this season. See, they have a bye week and cannot lose.

The NFL’s Thursday night game will be held at cold and windy Candlestick Park. The red-hot Seattle Seahawks are coming to play the San Francisco Forty-Niners. San Fran got trashed by the New York Football Giants here last Sunday. Nonetheless, the odds makers have them favored by eight. We figure this is really a “home dog” and think that the 49ers (-8) will win but not cover the point spread.

The Carolina Panthers are the real home-field “under dogs” of the week. This is one of eight early NFL Sunday games; only two are scheduled at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT and there is a single night game.

That NBC game features two Midwestern teams from what was once popularized as “The Black-and-Blue Division.” The Detroit Lions head to Soldiers’ Field as 6 point underdogs. The Chicago Bears (-6) are well-rested and prepared for this contest after a bye week. Meanwhile, the Lions should be tired after playing an overtime game in Philadelphia. Although they ultimately defeated the Eagles 26-23, don’t expect the Lions to have another four or five winning quarters left in them. The Bears could come out flat and a bit out of sync but we predict Chicago will own the end zone and goalpost uprights in the second half.

What follows are the best shots at winning bets this Sunday:

Pick the team that smeared formerly undefeated Houston Texans on the road. We like the Green Bay Packers (-4) to win in St. Louis against the Rams.

Take the Browns. Indianapolis (-4) and QB Andrew Luck – we hope we are lucky – will win but not cover the point spread. A late rally finished by a field goal should happen in front of the hometown Hoosiers in Lucas Oil Drum Stadium.

The New Orleans Saints (+1) ought to win straight up in Tampa versus the Buccaneers.

Baltimore’s Ravens (+4) may need the points to prevail in Houston against the Texans.

The poorly Jacksonville Jaguars must fly west to Oakland. The Raiders should have been the first team to beat the Falcons. You got to like the Oakland Raiders (-3.5) with their “Black Hole” in the south end zone.

The other later game will be held in New England. Two quarterbacks should be better than one. The Patriots better win but won’t likely cover the point spread versus the NY Jets (+9.5) that rendered the Colts.

Bonus Collegiate Football Parlay Tip

  • Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (-2; and over) are playing at home in Bowling Green (or has it been renamed Bowling Red after Coach Willie’s team colors) against Louisiana State University at MONROE (not LSU Baton Rouge). Monroe scored seven touchdowns in their last game but WKU are likely to do one better this week.
  • In the game at Iowa City, take the Iowa Hawkeyes (-1.5) versus the over-penalized Penn State Nittany Lions. We suspect a low scoring game.
  • West Virginia will pin the first loss of the season on #3 Kansas State in the state of Western Virginia. The Mountaineers (5-1) quarterback only had one bad game. Some will think this is an upset. I don’t think so.
  • Ohio State (-14) at home should be a safe pick. The visiting Purdue Boilers are coming off two consecutive losses against Michigan and Wisconsin in which they never scored more than two touchdowns. Meanwhile, OSU scored bunches during their 52-49 win over IU.

Can you believe Notre Dame is #5? Can you believe Florida is #2?

Shirley Oklahoma and Alabama are better. USC could even beat all four of these – on a good day for QB Barkley.


[ for musement only ]


As they say, “Good luck and enjoy the games!”


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Reigning Blue & Gold in Northern Indiana

Reigning Blue & Gold in Northern Indiana


Cardinal bloodshed, RAIN, and tears follows ND 20-13 overtime gridiron game versus Stanford Cardinal.









Root, Root, Root . . . (more lame picks?)

Rooting for the Underdog this


The only way to get all the choice predictions correct this week – as witnessed by the Pittsburgh Steelers crashing and burning against the winning Tennessee Oilers/Titans – is to pick the least favored teams.

So let’s run the table this way:

Win with Oilers (+9.5) over the Mighty Steelers. Yes, the final was Tennessee 26, Pitt 23.

Oakland Raiders (+ 9.5) winning on the road against the undefeated Falcons.

Indianapolis Colts (+3) blowing the Jets right off the tarmac in the Meadowlands

Dallas Cowgirls (+ 3) traveling to Baltimore for a win against the spread.

Green Bay (+3.5) breaks their losing streak on NBC’s Sunday Night Football extravaganza in Houston versus the undefeated Texans.

The New Jersey Football Giants (+7) travel not to play the San Francisco Baseball Giants in the National League Championship Series but defeat the Forty-Niners in old Candlestick Park.

How about the Motown Lions (+ 3.5) mauling the home-town Philly Eagles. I think there is a national law against murdering bald Eagles.


There is no bonus round this Monday night. There is no heavy favorite in the Broncos at San Diego Chargers’ game.


Shall we go on and on with more lame picks?

Good luck and enjoy the games!


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Why Not Modernize? Must Everything Be Automated?!? It’s Now Automatic! Why? But It Is Cool . . ..

Does efficiency and utility require that things become automatic?

I don’t think so.

Check out this – my latest trip inside an urban men’s room:

Take for example . . .

  • Water temperature and  flow  can be automatic. If you are unsuccessful searching for the hot and cold water controls, try sticking one or both hands under the faucet.


  • Soap dispenser is motion-activated. Yet the dispenser cannot refill itself.


  • Paper towels are dispensed in a motion-activated sequence. Sometimes it sees your hand, other times it ignores you.


  • A room fragrance is sprayed automatically. You have no choice whether you find the scent appealing or not.


  • The plumbing flushes automatically when you get up or walk away.


  • Replacement toilet paper rolls fall down into place. Wiping is not automatic.


  • The door opening in and going out can be operated automatically.  Ironically, the door nominally swings very slow.


The bottom-line remains the same: It still takes the same amount of time to take a poop and wash up.


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