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More Blown Whistles on the NFL Gridiron?

The veteran referee crews missed their preseason practices and games¬†so it may take a few weeks to ‘get zebras into the swing.’

Mic and “No Ike” are ready to broadcast this weekend’s choices even before Thursday night’s game and the Wednesday night presidential debate.

We are taking Barack by two touchdowns and a field goal because he has been playing football on the White House lawn with Bo.

The pro team predictions are listed in our order of confidence:

Pittsburgh Stealers (-3; over 43.5 combined points) shall take the game at home against the Philly Eagles.

The Bills of Buffalo shall get shotguned in San Francisco (-9.5; o 44.5).

Houston Texans (-8; o 41.5) should win similarly to what the 49ers did last weekend against the New York Jets also in the Meadowlands. – this will happen on Monday night –


Atlanta’s Falcons (-8; u 50.5) shall go on the road and fly by the D.C. Redskins.

Take the Minnie Vikings (-5.5; o 44) at home eventhough both the Tennie Titans and the norsemen are playing surprisingly well.

The poor Seattle Seahawks will likely suffer both jet lag traveling clear across the U.S. and a loss at the hands of the improved Carolina Panthers (-3; u 44) defense.

Didn’t the Cowboys make the Bears look great in Dallas?!? Why not take Chicago (-6; u 46.5) in Jacksonville versus the Jaguars. Just maybe the final score will be: ‘Da Bears 24, Jags 17. 27 to 17; or 35 to 10 would work also.

[now this is where Ike and Mic’s confidence begins to wane]

Home underdog?!? Indy Colts (+7; over 47 pts.) versus Green Bay Pack.

New Jersey Giants (-8.5; u 44) at home versus the Cleaved Browns.

Cincy Bengals (-3.5; u 45) at home versus the Miami Dolphins.

Baltimore Ravens (-5; u 46.5) on the road versus the Chiefs of K.C.

Home cooking should help the New England Patriots (-6.5; u 51.5) beat the Denver Broncos. Jet lag should slow up the visitors, too.

Good luck and enjoy the games!


( for musement only )