Notre Dame Administration vs. Manti Te’o – Heisman Candidate

This fine student-athlete is back in the news.

There are no more college football games for him to play at Notre Dame.

A story of how a young man was scammed on the Internet, how his University handled the matter, and the outcome of the student-athlete’s life are developing.

Who is at fault? Or better worded, who should be held responsible?

At this point, I am on Manti Te’o team versus the administration run by grown men and women at the University of Notre Dame, near South Bend, Indiana, within the (formerly great and sacred) St. Joseph River Valley.

I am dismayed; particularly since I have been a life-long ND fan. There were adults – not college students involved – that could have handled this matter more responsibly.


The following was written and published by D. A. Dailey on October 7, 2012. Note that their is no consideration of any Internet love affair. Choosing the best player in the nation and winning football games is (or should be) all about what happens on the field.

It has been since 1949 that a defensive player has been selected as the best college football player of the year.

Te’o – A Model Sportsman

Notre Dame’s linebacker Monti Te’o may be the one.

Not only did his squad that he captains limit the opponents to 3 points, he had 10 solo tackles. Quite an effort by a student-athlete who recently has faced his share of adversity in his private life.

The Saturday after his grandmother died, Te’o played one heck of a game in East Lansing, Michigan. Notre Dame won that game 20-3.


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    Why did ND Management hire private investigators, mishandle the information a couple days before the Championship game, and try to do “damage control” and not harm any of the university students?

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