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Why Not Modernize? Must Everything Be Automated?!? It’s Now Automatic! Why? But It Is Cool . . ..

Does efficiency and utility require that things become automatic?

I don’t think so.

Check out this – my latest trip inside an urban men’s room:

Take for example . . .

  • Water temperature and  flow  can be automatic. If you are unsuccessful searching for the hot and cold water controls, try sticking one or both hands under the faucet.


  • Soap dispenser is motion-activated. Yet the dispenser cannot refill itself.


  • Paper towels are dispensed in a motion-activated sequence. Sometimes it sees your hand, other times it ignores you.


  • A room fragrance is sprayed automatically. You have no choice whether you find the scent appealing or not.


  • The plumbing flushes automatically when you get up or walk away.


  • Replacement toilet paper rolls fall down into place. Wiping is not automatic.


  • The door opening in and going out can be operated automatically.  Ironically, the door nominally swings very slow.


The bottom-line remains the same: It still takes the same amount of time to take a poop and wash up.


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