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Root, Root, Root . . . (more lame picks?)

Rooting for the Underdog this


The only way to get all the choice predictions correct this week – as witnessed by the Pittsburgh Steelers crashing and burning against the winning Tennessee Oilers/Titans – is to pick the least favored teams.

So let’s run the table this way:

Win with Oilers (+9.5) over the Mighty Steelers. Yes, the final was Tennessee 26, Pitt 23.

Oakland Raiders (+ 9.5) winning on the road against the undefeated Falcons.

Indianapolis Colts (+3) blowing the Jets right off the tarmac in the Meadowlands

Dallas Cowgirls (+ 3) traveling to Baltimore for a win against the spread.

Green Bay (+3.5) breaks their losing streak on NBC’s Sunday Night Football extravaganza in Houston versus the undefeated Texans.

The New Jersey Football Giants (+7) travel not to play the San Francisco Baseball Giants in the National League Championship Series but defeat the Forty-Niners in old Candlestick Park.

How about the Motown Lions (+ 3.5) mauling the home-town Philly Eagles. I think there is a national law against murdering bald Eagles.


There is no bonus round this Monday night. There is no heavy favorite in the Broncos at San Diego Chargers’ game.


Shall we go on and on with more lame picks?

Good luck and enjoy the games!


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