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8 Times Over: It (democracy) Strikes Me as Funny

Dateline: USA

People should participate if America really has a democracy.

I did recently read encouraging stories from the local student newspaper, the IDS.

Fortunately, there are still two-and-a-half weeks to encourage progress. The general election is on Tuesday, November 6. There is a lot at-stake!

A governor has a major bearing on what

 types of programs are implemented in that

 state and how federal funds are spent.

For instance in Indiana, six-term Republican Congressman Mike Pence has a record of inaction and voting down rights and benefits for women, seniors, and disadvantaged Americans. He was a proponent of shutting down the federal government last year. His campaign ads emphasize his “family man” personality and “a road map” which omits the “back roads” and projects few details.

Meanwhile, the past Speaker of the Hoosier House John Gregg has a formidable “common sense” approach. Go figure – the congressman who embodies the Tea Party has more than a 10 percentage point lead over the Democrat in the polls.

Members of Congress make the national laws and appropriate funds to state. The President of the United States does not make laws – too bad President Obama has taken all the slack for what Congress is responsible.



A disturbing thing overheard on the bus last week . . . A young thirtysomething man was speaking to an older woman about religion, education, and then politics. I found it difficult to keep my mouth shut when I heard her say, “I think black people have done pretty well by him (President Obama) in the last four years.”

Democratic elections are not about black and white.

Yet unfortunately, racism and unconscious prejudice does factor into it.

Is it not ironic that too many eligible citizens either:

  1. Are not registered to vote,
  2. Do not plan to vote,
  3. Don’t take enough time out to examine the issues,
  4. Take for fact sources that have incorrect information,
  5. Don’t believe that their single vote matters,
  6. Might vote for President but not for any Congressional candidates,
  7. Believe the commercials and sound bites seen on TV, or
  8. Don’t make a concerted effort to vote early or make it to their polling place on-time.

Now for some good news. I have discovered that there are some perceptive college journalists that recognize the issues, understand some of the underlying reasons for apathy and ignorance, and offer feasible solutions. A sophomore, junior, and senior recently (Wednesday, October 17, 2012) wrote their assessments.

Indiana University senior Christine Shelley mentions her generation’s focus on social media. During the 2008 presidential election, on 51 % of Americans under 30 years-old voted.

I’m smart enough to know that if Lindsay Lohan gets another DUI, my day will go unhindered

Whether it is student federal loans, foreign affairs, economic growth or social issues, research it for five minutes and take time to invest in our future.

Austin Soot wonders why the networks schedule sporting events at the same time as presidential and vice presidential debates. He believes political events should be as exciting, accessible, and available live.

And no, (VP Candidate Ryan) and (Joe) Biden mud wrestling is not the answer.

I.U. Junior Sam Ostrowski believes that the prevailing student behavior is due to gaps in and the lack of education.  The relevancy to current issues is missing. High and grade school history courses emphasize early happenings and accounts of political events past 1952 are not adequately covered.

We think American youth can handle only McCarthyism as the biggest mistake in politics, so we don’t go past there.

I know about Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power because I taught myself.

Maybe we don’t want to dishearten the future of America by saying, “Look how many people hate (you Yankees) across the sea.”

We never made it to the issues of America’s past still affecting us today.


How many times have you heard that our future is our children? These are just three of America’s children who keep learning with an open mind and urge their peers. Bravo!

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