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Do I have your attention? Today’s writing focus is about the marketplace. Will APPL hit 700 again?

The economy is improving… just look at the rise of the $tock market. The DJIA > 1,300.

Investors usually have knee-jerk reactions when the corporate earnings come out. This week, no less than a dozen companies are reporting. You may want to buy BEFOREHAND. 

Earning Reports

Apple (APPL) Computer is one such company. Caterpillar and Yahoo chime in on Monday. 3M, Facebook, and others do the do on Tuesday. AT&T, Boeing, Delta Air, US Air, and Lockheed Martin figures come out this Wednesday. Thursday APPL, Amazon, and Procter & Gamble (PG) finish up the parade of quarterlies.

Apple is now a $584 billion dollar company. Its profit to earnings (P/E) ratio stands at a healthy 14.66. Their earnings per share (EPS) are $42.55. Its stock value was up more than 2% early on Monday. At $623 per share, it ain’t affordable by too many.

Amazon has only a $106 billion market cap. In contrast to APPL, its stock stands at $285.58 per share and the EPS is 0.82.

Procter & Gamble (PG) may be a gamble. PG’s market cap is 187.6 billion, the P/E stands at 18.63, EPS is 3.66, and stock price is about $68.17. I believe they have already hit PGs 52-week high.

With the coming flu season, Clorox (CLX) may be a good buy now. CLX is a $9.60 billion company. Its P/E is 18.3, EPS is 4.1, and stock price is affordable.


It is a Motown Tiger – San Fran Giants World Serious!

But the Lions lost to the Chicago Bears!

President Obama beat Republican Romney/Ryan on Monday night, too.


Recent market activity has resulted in surprises.

  • The big gains last week by RV makers Thor Industries (up 5.6%) and Winnebago (up 12%) despite rising gas prices.
  • Dean Foods (DF) hit their 52-week high at $18.50. DF has a market cap at 3.4 billion and EPS of $7.97.
  • Manpower Group (MAN) has made major gains as employers seem to not be hiring but asking for temp workers. MAN is at $39.64. Its P/E is 15.4 and EPS is $2.40 and it market cap is $3.15 billion.


Taking into consideration Friday’s 200+ point drop in stock prices and sector gains and losses, we are encouraged by the energy and pharmaceutical industries. Drug and biotech stocks went up 6.32% and the energy sector rose higher upwards of 7%.

We’ve been watching four energy companies.

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) is the largest with a market cap of $13.5 billion. Its P/E is 6.99 and the EPS is $3.01.

Peabody Energy (BTU) was up 3% in the early-going Monday. Its price is $21.07, the market cap is 7.81 billion, the P/E is 9.06, and EPS is $3.22.

If you are looking for alternative energy, don’t look for it in the stock market. Perhaps a good one – a share can be purchased for $4.24 – is Trina Solar (TSL). It carries a $300 million market cap, an EPS of (negative) – $3.23, and zero P/E. See, a company must have some profits to calculate this ratio.

My favorite is Western Gas Partners (WES)! WES is now a $5.03 billion corporation. Its stock price is $52.57. The P/E is 4.3. The EPS is $1.21. Natural gas may be “where it is at.”


There are four pharmaceutical companies we have been tracking – so get cracking.

  • Questcor Pharmaceutical’s (QCOR) stock price went up 13.5% last week. It is now valued at $26.32.
  • Cepheid (CPHD) is a $2.09 billion company. Its stock price is now right around $31.
  • Given Imaging (GIVN) is a $575 million company. The P/E = 45.6 and EPS = 0.41. GIVN’s stock price is right around $18.67.
  • Volcano Corporation (VOLC) ain’t too shabby – it has a market cap at $1.53 billion. Its stock price is $29. The P/E = 44.5 and EPS = $0.65.

There you have it. Good luck and enjoy the games.


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