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“Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”

Take action for this cause Tuesday. VOTE.

The “Crossroads of America” ideally should not be to the Far Right or Leftist. The days of Right Wing Reactionists deserve to be left in the past. Bigotry, ignorance, and inequality don’t belong in the middle of the United States of America. The John Birch Society and Klu Klux Klan were more popular in Indiana than many Hoosiers are willing to admit.

May more moderate political views and government principles and laws prevail in Mid-America.

John Gregg is the “common sense” choice as Indiana Governor.

The politics of fear is a key element of Tea Party ideology. Making judgments \

in an atmosphere of fear, yields bad decisions.

Challenger, 6-term congressman Mike Pence embodies the Tea Party.

No state can risk electing this kind of leader.

Check out Indiana Women against Mike Pence


Extreme Doxology Is Not Appropriate for Middle America

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Over the years many people ask others prior to a national election, “Are you better off than you were four year ago?”

This single question would determine which candidate would win your vote.

That was then, this is now. Life is no simpler (although tasks may be easier).

I ask you that this year a more appropriate question would be, “Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”

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Governors and the President function much like State and Federal “CEOs.”  Voters are on the Board of Directors. Citizens should select good state Governors (John Gregg) and a national President (Barack Obama)

Politicians keep saying that the 2012 elections are about jobs. Look what Romney’s Bain has done! Are “common sense-Americans” going to endorse this with a vote for that guy?

Shall we focus on job creation (earning a paycheck above the minimum wage)? This kind of change is important. Job in-sourcing with a living wage within America really should become the norm rather than the exception!

Within Mid-America is Indiana. John Gregg (D) has a superior performance record compared to Mike Pence (R). After almost 12 years in Congress, Pence has never sponsored a bill that became law. He never has proposed a job creation bill. Throughout Gregg’s public career, John has championed bipartisan projects. His future objective is to attract high-tech companies to America’s Heartland.

Extreme Doxology Not Appropriate for Middle America

Take action for this cause Tuesday. VOTE.

God help the voters save our United States of America!


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