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In Kansas City, They Call It Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

Cheeseheads had nothing to cheer about this weekend other than losses by the Bears and Lions

Unexpectedly the Alabama Tide lost their first game at home while playing a college team. Atlanta’s Falcons also fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.

K.C. lost in OT.

In other NFL Week 10 surprises:

(as predicted, the ‘home dog of the day’ ) Vikings beat the Lions 34-24

The Titans 27, Miami Dolphins 3

Bengals 31, New York Giants 13

The Players of the Sunday:

#88 Tony Gonzales scored his 100th and 101st TD catches of his career during the 1st half of the Atlanta Falcons’ loss at the New Orleans Saints 31-27.

#29 Chris Ivory of the Saints ran a terrific 45 yard touchdown making multiple cuts and not benefiting from one good block from his teammates.

#5 Joe Flacco with 341 yards passing led the Baltimore Ravens to a crushing 55-20 defeat of the Oakland Raiders. He was aided by Coach John Harbaugh who authorized a fake FG for a rushing TD late in the 4th quarter to pile it on.


You were wise to place these bets last week:

#18 Minnesota (+3) over 47 vs. #17 Lions

#13 Indianapolis (-3) under 42.5 vs. #31 Jaguars

#17 Tennessee (+6) over 44 vs. #20 Dolphins

Unranked BC (+18) under 47.5 vs. #3 Irish

#13 Stanford (-4.5) over 45 vs. #16 Beavers

#1 Indiana (-33) vs. Bryant University


Best Pre-Game Show Honoring Veterans’ Day:

The Patriots

In Foxboro, Massachusetts, they rolled out an USA flag that stretched from one goal line to another . . . a 100 yard-long flag!


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