No Reruns

It does not matter that ND is #1 at 11-0. The USC Trojan Horse is likely to have some Irish tricks Saturday. Remember – Southern Cal deflated the footballs they used on offense during this season’s showdown with the previously unbeaten Oregon Ducks?!?


Contrary to what is written in The Good Book, the NFL conducts business and works on Sundays.

NFL Turkey of the Weak Award

Who will be the NFL Turkey of the Weak?


= = =


Sunday, November 25th at 8:20 EST:

The result of Green Bay at NY Giants game is important for home field advantage during the playoffs???

Ike should bet on the Football Championship Giants; this Sunday night’s home field advantage is worth giving up 4.5 points.


= = =


Seattle (6 wins – 4 losses) at Miami (4-6)?

The Seahawks are favored by one?

Ike will pass on this opportunity.

Miami needs to win its home games.


Atlanta (9-1) at Tampa (6-4)?

The Bucs (+1) could embarrass the team with the best record in the league.

The Falcons made so many miscues (6 turnovers) during last Sunday’s victory over Arizona.

Yes, the Falcon may be eaten as the bird of the weekend.

Baltimore at San Diego?

The Ravens are hot and the Chargers are not. There are plenty of turkeys in Southern California already. Thus, there is no further embarrassment that San Diego could endure with a loss to a good team like Baltimore. Let’s go with the odds’ maker underdog = Baltimore -1.5 pt.


St. Louis at Arizona?

The Cardinals by 2 points seems like a safe bet.

Can the Rams force another tie this season?

Arizona is just bad enough to put them up to it.


San Francisco at New Orleans (+2.5)?

Go figure that what the Bears did not whack out of QB Alex Smith, the Saints’ defense may have their way. Besides, the Saints’ offense has been hot the last two weekends.

A burnt overcooked 49er would be embarrassing, but an interesting Creole casserole for cannibals.

Good home cooking. Good choice for a home-dog.


= = = = =


Monday, November 26th may be the night to select this week’s annual turkey.

The MNF nationally televised game features two teams with a combined 5 wins and 15 losses.

With no clear choice best draft choice in the coming pro draft, Carolina at Philadelphia (-2.5 fav) may be playing for the top draft pick with their 3-7 and 2-8 records.


The game winner will be a loser and the loser wins little to gain thus becomes a loser, again. Who shall be the final turkey is a toss-up.


= = = = =


Vikings of Minnesota at Chicago?

The Vikes (+6) might set some bear traps for their division-leading team.

Regardless, the Bears are favored by two field goals.


Denver at KC?

Get the Kansas City BBQ sauce ready for a holiday cookout.

Peyton Manning might not be able to come back after the Chiefs (+7.5) get ahead.

That would make him a chump for the week and the Broncos a bunch of turkeys.


Oakland at Cincinnati?

The Bengals (-6) are on a run and Oakland needs to not lose more than 7 games in James’ first head coaching season in Northern California. I bet the Coach wishes he was still working the offense in Denver.


Titans at Jacksonville?

Jacks are 0 and 5 at home this year.

You cannot pick two turkeys for one game…. just not fair.

Figure to watch another game instead of this one.


Buffalo at Indy.

Indy better win by more than 3.5 points.

The Buffs surprised Miami and must likely win-out to get into this season’ playoffs. Colts are 4 and 1 at home so far this season. Luck is likely on the Colts’ side and time has passed since they were run up for 59 points by the Pats (another AFC East reason to hate Belechek’s New England teams).


Pitt at Cleveland?

No (betting) Line. No Play. OK?


=  =  =


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  1. The winner of the NFL Turkey of the Weak
    are the
    Philadelphia Eagles

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