Musical Comedy Screenplay Looking for Similarly Great Actors

A screenplay, “Fast Forward to the Past” could use actresses and male actors for this full length movie. The ideal actors would be too costly for the production on a college campus in the Big 14.

Please  comment if interested*. First casting call. Take a look at the many roles:


List of Characters

Character’s names / Ideal Actress or Actor to Play the Part:

EVE / EVA, Newest dormitory friend of Bunny and Maggie / Michelle Williams or Kristen Stewart, or Brie Larsen

BABE, “townie” [home town; non-student] woman with multiple personalities / Emma Stone .

BERNADETTE / BUNNY, Maggie’s best friend in college / Scarlett Johansson OR Charlize Theron’

MARGARET MAY / MAGGIE, Bunny’s best friend in college/ Rose Rollins, Amber Riley, Monique Coleman, Jamie Lee Kirchner, or Erica Hubbard

JACKSON / JACKO, Latino student who befriends the co-eds / James Franco

EBONY, Hometown college-aged girl not in college / Ellen Page / Kristin Weig, or Victoria Jackson, or Kaye Scodelario

ZEKE, driver who appears repeatedly throughout the story offering the students a ride in a classic car of that time period / Jay Pharaoh or S. Meadows

QUEEG, undiagnosed “lunatic” “townie”who may have a dependency disorder / Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling

RALPHIE, man living in town with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome / Kevin Kline (I.U. grad)

PENELOPE, young aspiring scientist on sabbatical with panic attacks / Jeaneane Garofalo or Catherine O’Hara

DOCTOR DEAN, University Dean of Students / Robert DiNiro or Bob Newhart

GUY, man living in town with obsessive-compulsive disorder / Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg

XAVIER, Asian man who lives in town / Jon Lee Brody or Parry Shen

BARRY, “The Man” who Zeke works for / Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones i state beats o state

HOAGY CARMICHAEL, Infamous musician and composer who was born in Bloomington and received both a bachelor’s and law degree from I.U. / Billy Joel .

DOCTOR KINSEY, Alfred Kinsey / Christopher Walken .

JAMES A. WOODBURN, Professor of Philosophy / Dustin Hoffman .

DOLLY, mental health care worker / Lisa Lapinelli or Rita Rudner

DICK, 1960s protester: 1970s sheriff / Steve Buschemi

DELILA, Woman of the Roaring 20s / Elizabeth Shue or Jane Pauley (I.U. grad)

TOOTSIE, Women of the 1890s / Susan Sarandon or Kim Basinger

GRETCHEN and VANESSA, Women of the 1920s / Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurmann

ERIN and “Go Brahless”, female police officers / Kelly LeBrach and Edie Falco b b lounge softball

BUTCH / Danny DeVito or Joe Pesci

BUD / Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito

PHYLLIS and FEEDUS, cocktail waitresses at local bars / Rea Pearlman and Tracy Ullman

GERALDINE, woman of the 1980s / Penelope Cruz or Marisa Tomei

= = = = =

copyright MMXII

David A. Dailey Publishing & Associates

and Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

[for amusement only]

* p.s. Upon request, the script could be e-mailed should you send your resume and portrait photographs.  Thank you for your consideration.

"March Madness"

“March Madness”

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  1. Filming planned to begin in late January 2013,
    Intermittent work for thesbians ending most likely in mid-October.

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