“Two Flew Out of the Seagulls’ Nest” – (the opening scenes)

Lake Tahoe Sunrise!

Lake Tahoe Sunrise!

Episodes of a screenplay written by D. A. Dailey in Northern California…

Opening Scene: It is a sunny, quiet morning. The first scene looks upon a tall glass building that has a mirror reflection of a pristine lake and lush vegetation and landscaping. Birds can be heard singing and chirping in the distance.

All of a sudden, a crow crows aloud.

There is no traffic of any kind. As the opening credits end, there is some noisy commotion on the other side of the glass wall at the parking lot level.



Suddenly, two plain-clothed security officers throw one well-dressed elderly man out of the building past the sidewalk onto the driveway pavement. SECURITY GUARD: “Get away from here! You are no longer welcome. Do you understand us? Don’t ever come back! ”

After a few seconds, two suitcases are thrown out the back door; the second one thrown almost strikes the man, Buck. SECURITY GUARD: “And take all your crap with you!” – After about ten seconds, a small dog in a service dog vest is pushed out the back door. SECURITY GUARD #2: “Get the *%@$ out of here! And that means your little mutt, too! ”

The pedigreed bulldog runs to his master and licks his face as he struggles to get up. The old man brushes his suit off and they start slowly walking away, whistling, and the casino-hotel’s neon sign is brightly flashing in the background.

FADE OUT – With a view of the sign: “Always a Terrific Time at Texas Jack’s”



FADE IN – Another early morning scene along a city’s residential area. The Sun is rising into a beautiful partly cloudy sky. The man and his dog are going through garbage cans left out the night before looking for recyclable cans, useful items, and other valuables. BUCK says, “Look Teddy! This is practically a new dog bed.” Teddy shows great favor with the new find. Buck struggles with the three bags of aluminum cans they have picked up.

Suddenly, a woman in a security guard uniform comes out of a glass entry door to question the duo. POOPSIE: “Hey! Hey, you! What are you doing outside the gate so early in the morning?”

BUCK (is stunned and surprised) “Huh?”

POOPSIE: “Get back inside. Right away!” Teddy the dog runs toward Poopsie who has a pound of bacon in one hand. Buck runs after his dog. POOPSIE: Hurry dude, I need to finish cooking breakfast! ” The dog runs inside with Buck falling over on his knees unable to catch him. Once the three are inside the building, Poopsie locks the door. FADE OUT – to “Jailhouse Rock”

FADE IN – Next thing, Bulldog Teddy and Buck experience A DIFFERENT WORLD in the “naked city” (a place with a million stories). The lights are out on the opposite side of the room where eight people are silently eating their breakfast.

On one side of the room is a group of eight chatting around a table with such bravado that more than one person speaks at a time. A loud comment is overheard by obsessive-compulsive BABE “If you keep eating all this muffin and pasta stuff, you’ll get so fat that you will end up sitting on top of everybody’s lap.” (laughter from more than a half dozen clients directed at poor Zeke). Outside on the back patio, more people are having breakfast. Teddy grabs others’ attention and begins successfully begging.

(to be continued)


copyright 2011; Screenwriters’ Guild registered

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