Wishes for a Stress-Less Christmas

CHRISTMAS-RECESSION-ECONOMY-SANTA-CAI-121409-COLOR I couldn’t wait to hang up the phone! She could hardly catch her breath as she spewed everything that was on her “holiday” to do list. I envisioned her in a cyclone of wrapping paper and unwrapped boxes swirling around her body, dollar bills being sucked upward into the blissful holiday abyss above her head and her with a look of stress and panic on her face!

I quickly hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Thankful I was not caught up in holiday drama this year.

    Isn’t it ironic, that while most people are striving for holiday perfection, hoping to create a magical, memorable holiday, they actually end up creating the exact opposite for themselves and those around them?

    I learned a long time ago that preparing for the holidays quickly turns into a cesspool of unrealistic expectations, disappointments and drained emotions if you’re not careful.

    Holiday stress and depression is very real. It takes a toll on the body’s immune system and many times we find ourselves sick at the most celebrated time of the year.

The good news for you is it’s not too late to reclaim your holiday sanity! A great place to start is by acknowledging your feelings and making a decision to enjoy your holiday by putting less stress on yourself.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, be realistic about your goals and your commitments, and then decide what you can realistically accomplish without making yourself sick. It’s ok to cross some things off your to do list. You don’t have to be perfect, your house doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to find all the perfect gifts! No one will know if you’re perfect or not, so you can let go of that illusion and realize that YOU are the only one keeping it alive.

One thing you can do to make it easier on yourself is to set a budget and stick to it! Those unwanted bills that show up in January can create more stress for you which can be easily avoided if you plan ahead.

Holiday memories aren’t created with gifts; they are created by spending quality time with loved ones. Gifts will come and go over the years and most will be forgotten, so don’t get caught up in the need to please others with gifts.

Another important reminder is to set your boundaries. While spending time with relatives and guests is something we all look forward to around the holidays, we also know there are those who will tend to push our emotional buttons. It can be a whirlwind of too much togetherness, so remember to set your boundaries and strive to find a balance of bonding and alone time!

Another time saving idea is to have a holiday buffet instead of trying to make the meal of the century. Ask your friends and family to contribute to the meal. A buffet of everyone’s favorite dishes will be more rewarding than slaving in the kitchen for days before the event.

Finally, you must allow time for yourself. You must remember to say “NO” to requests and events that leave you little time for the things that are most important to you. If things don’t get done, don’t beat yourself up. Find a way to relax and find your “happy holiday place”. Maybe a cup of herbal tea and some Christmas music in a room illuminated only by soft Christmas lights. Or a classic Christmas movie with the family and hot chocolate would also make for a cozy winter night.

There are many ways to calm that inner holiday storm and I challenge you to find a new way of celebrating this year that leaves you fulfilled, relaxed and full of new memories for 2012! Some people find helping a family in need or charity can be very rewarding. Other families choose to help others who are less fortunate in lieu of buying gifts for family members. There is nothing better for the soul than giving unselfishly!

If you are still finding it difficult to relax, I have created an EFT tapping script for the holiday season that may help you! Remember to change the words to fit your personal situation so it resonates with you!

from: Cindy Selvaggio Shumaker: Calming Your Inner Storm

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