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Guns and Concealed Weapons to be Legalized on College Campuses Throughout Indiana?!?

Guns and Concealed Weapons to be Legalized on College Campuses Throughout Indiana?!?.

Please support reasonable gun control regulations and teaching safety practices.

The Head Writer is making finishing touches on the humorous script Wednesday. The Musical Score Director is visiting Southern Indiana this Friday. The Casting Director has made the selection of the desired actresses and actors. This information is held in confidence by D. A. D. Publishing & Associates (dadailey@yahoo.com). The movie will be “a riot.”

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Iz “The Tall One” on Suicide-Watch?

Dateline: North America, Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Usually, this situation occurs after the Oakland Raiders play a game.

Pro football has become more a business than a sport.

Las Vegas odds compel bettors to wage money that is unreasonably high. The Tall One is one of many who have little business placing weekly bets with funds that they eventually lose. He, for his own good should enroll in Gamblers’ Anon. The Tall One is more than disappointed today that Notre Dame lost to Champion Alabama by more than 10 points last night 42-14.

What happened to the Fighting Irish? All season long they allowed an average of 17 points against their opponents. In the first half alone, Notre Dame (and the Pac-12 officials) let the Crimson Tide score four (4) touchdowns.

Ca$h Down the $ewer

Ca$h Down the $ewer

Now, The Tall One may do himself in after losing his wager.

Oh Lord have mercy!