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Ban the Flu or Ban Handgun or Assault Rifle Sales

Dateline: North America

– Yes, ban the flu –

Doctors warn of secondary bacterial infections for those acquiring the flu. More needs to be done after the flu is contracted.

Most Americans are either underprivileged or ignorant of public health and safety measures, therefore ERs and primary care facilities need to be ready to help.

The fact that more children have died that been murdered with gunshots this winter is sad; it is a sign that our priorities and media attention requires re-focusing.

I, for one, had flu symptoms for 13 days in Southern Indiana. I always get a flu shot. My symptoms could have been more severe and terminal if I was not vaccinated.

Fear Begets Poor Decisions

Fear Begets Poor Decisions

Being “elderly” and with allergies and asthma history, it is important that all like me (except those allergic to eggs) get the vaccine.

I cannot believe why so many are against it… mostly fear (like my last roommate is afraid of needles and has difficulties donating blood or plasma, too).

Fear is not a good emotion when making rational decisions.


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