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Winning Attitudes

Dateline: North America

– Late January 2013 –

Cliche’s abound around success, well-being, and happiness. Life is a process wrought with good and bad times as well as maintaining a status quo. Great coaches are like our wonderful mentors.

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

It is difficult to dispute that human attitudes cause ‘stuff to happen’ and lead to ‘fate or destiny’ despite one’s knowledge, relevant skills, experience, and even wisdom. We had better realize that opportunities are not governed only by genetics, training and education, culture, faith, and spiritual ideals.

Choosing a realistic, ethical, and positive attitude can be accomplished no matter what our individual make-up, personal strengths, virtues, prior experiences, leaders, and weaknesses might be. Remember the old adage: “Mind over matter, matters.”

One problem with attitudes is that they are hard to change. One might be better off to unlearn what they have previously learned.

Change is inevitable?!?

Change in lives and the history of evolution is often hard to cope with. As Charles Darwin taught: “Survival of the fittest.” Adaptation is so important at both a micro (personal) and macro (mankind) level.


Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs

Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs


During this Super Bowl XLVII Week, I am reminded that to win nominally demands a winning attitude. I cannot put my finger on the detailed factors of which team has the advantage of THE superior winning attitude. Both the Ravens and Forty-Niners seem to have IT but only one team will prevail.

In American football, the pundits refer to execution.

No matter who wins Sunday, all team members and fans would do well to adapt to the prevailing conditions and final result.

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Buck At Home In Nor Cali

American Society Need to Combat the Underlying,

Unreasonable Factors of Living in Home-Transition

Occupy Bloomington is sponsoring a public forum at the Monroe County Library on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees will discuss recent discrimination and police actions against homeless individuals.

The objective is to compose a “Homeless Bill of Rights.”

Families and individuals become homeless from a wide arrange of circumstances; yet a popular opinion within the United States is there is something truly wrong with these people.

Reverend Forrest Gilmore, pastoral director of Bloomington Indiana’s Shalom Community Center, perhaps has said it best after a piece of sensationally poor newspaper journalism was published as a Sunday headline story.

“I am especially saddened to see this stereotyping (homeless people as criminals) only reinforced by the article linking crime and homelessness that appeared in the Sunday Bloomington Herald/Hoosier Times (August 2012).”

This article would have been better…

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