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Newly Published Children’s Book About Dogs – “Pooch”

Pre-Release Announcement from D.A.D. Publishing & Associates

In February, an informative and humorous children’s book will be available for $13.95. “Pooch” is a 104 page version of the 2011  release entitled, “Lessons Learned from Dogs.”


By ordering via dadailey@yahoo.com, before February 22nd, readers will receive:

a) free shipping and handling,

b) a discount to $13, and

c) be among the first to acquire this book.

Inquiries may be addressed to the e-mail listed above.

Direct payments to: D.A.D. & Associates, 2995 Woodside Road, Suite 400, Box 289, Woodside, California 94062.

Books will be shipped within 5 days when ordered before 2-22-2013.

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Give Me a Break! Come’on Ray. Give It a Rest!

Ray Lewis… Ray Lewis…

dateline: New Orleans (Mercedes Benz) Superdome

For heaven’s sake, give me a break!

Enough talk and drama now. Media day (yesterday) is over.

If you will not answer the questions, don’t go to any more press conferences!!!!!!!!!!!


What’s up?

It ain’t all about Ray Lewis, now. Afterall, football is a team sport.
Quit talking (Mr. Ray Lewis #52) until you are willing to be open answer all questions.
What is this stuff that you injested in 2012?
What is your recollection of some off-the-field after hours activities in 2000?
What did you do to capture the “center of attention’?

Where is your lawyer?

What buds have you been hanging out with lately?

Who is doing your hair?

Did you see the billboards with your picture in New England?

What were your religious beliefs prior to this fall?

What trash-talking words are you going to speak during Super Bowl XLVII?


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