Sinister Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) Sports Event Management Leaves Some Fans Thinking They Are Unamerican

dateline: Stanford U.

March 2, 2013

The Stanford Cardinal men’s volleyball team eeked out a 3-2 defeat (25-17, 20-25, 25-22, 23-25, 15-13) of the visiting Pepperdine University Waves on Saturday night. With the score 1-1, one Pepperdine fan was urged to voluntarily leave Marla Maples Pavilion due to the Gestapo Nazi-KGB Communist-like tactics of the youthful Stanford Sports Event Management leadership.

Five Stanford security employees intimidated a 59 year-old Wave fan during the second of the five set match that resulted in the policemens’ homeboys beating the nationally #4 ranked Pepperdine squad, which traveled over 300 miles north from their beautiful campus along the Pacific coast in Malibu. The environment inside the pavilion was just plain hostile.

  1. First, two radioed event management officers sat behind the vocal Wave fan.
  2. About 30 points into the second set, three twentysomething Stanford security officers sat in front of him.
  3. Despite the intimidation, the fan cheered on the Pepperdine team as they won the second set in dramatic fashion 25-20.

On the way out, the fan was approached by two additional guard-ushers that were over 50 years-old. Their methods and communication style was more reasonable.

This has not always been the scene at Stanford. The Wave fan was a season ticket holder for Stanford women’s volleyball games from 2003 to 2004. Indicently, Stanford’s last national championship was achieved in 2004. The climate in those days was friendly, spirited, and free.

Freedom is not free. At Stanford these days, it appears that unless one cheers for the homeboys, you are not a welcome guest.

Well I guess you get what you pay for. Admission was free. My experience scored a BIG ZERO for Stanford University.

Change is inevitable. Negative changes indicate poor management. You would not think that Stanford has a notable business school?!? Those cardinal-outfitted security guards must have gotten A’s in Bullying 401.



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